The sense of death

Interesting, informative, the fact that happens to a person at death? Which in this case there is a sense of the reaction of the body? What a person feels before he died in the last moments of life?

1. Drowning
Once a victim of drowning is aware that close when it is hidden under the water - immediately begins to panic. The man floundering on the surface, trying to breathe, and can not at this time to call for help. This phase takes 20-60 seconds.
After immersing the victim tries to hold his breath for a maximum period (30-90 seconds). In the end, the next breath, first a small amount of water, as a result, and the retraction zakashlivanie greater insult. In light water does not happen gas exchange, dramatically shrinking the muscles of the larynx. This reflex is called laringospazmom.
During the passage of water through the respiratory tract there is a feeling of burning and tearing in the chest. Then comes the calm, loss of consciousness from lack of oxygen. Next, cardiac arrest and death.

2. Heart attack
The first signs of a chest pain. It can take many forms - to be a long and continuous to be a short periodic. All are manifestations of the struggle for the life of the heart muscle, as well as her dying from lack of oxygen. The pain is given in the arm, jaw, abdomen, neck, back. There may be shortness of breath, cold sweat, nausea.
People tend to ignore these symptoms, do not seek help, waiting 2-6 hours. This is especially true of women - more patient and accustomed to pain. But in this case we must not tarry! Usually, the cause of death in these attacks - arrhythmia.
When cardiac arrest occurs, loss of consciousness within 10 seconds and a minute later, death occurs. If this occurs in a hospital, the doctors have a chance to run with the help of the heart defibrillator, to introduce drugs and return to the patient's life.

3. Fatal bleeding

Time of death from blood loss is strongly dependent on the amount and location of bleeding. If it is a rupture of the aorta, the main blood vessel that seconds count. Usually, the cause of her tears are heavy blows from falls or car accidents.
If damaged, other veins or arteries death can occur within hours. This man goes through various stages. In the adult, on average about 5 liters of blood. After the loss of 1, 5 of them comes weakness, thirst, shortness of breath and anxiety. After 2 - comes confusion, dizziness, loss of consciousness.

4. Death by fire

During a fire, the first to suffer from the heat and hot smoke scalp, throat and respiratory tract. Burns throat make it impossible to breathe, burns to the skin - stimulate nerve endings and cause a burning pain.
When the burns are deeper pain subsides. This is due to the fact that destroyed the nerve endings in the skin - this layer is simply burned. Sometimes, when people just stress cease to feel the damage. But then, when normal levels of adrenaline - the pain returns.
Most of those killed in the fire do not die from the fire and from carbon monoxide poisoning and lack of oxygen, often without even waking up.

5. Falling from a height

.If Falling more than 145 meters the speed reaches 200 km / h. The analysis of similar cases only in Hamburg has given 75% of deaths in the first few seconds or minutes after landing.
Causes of death can vary the position of the body and the point of landing. The highest probability of sudden death when jumping headfirst.
So were investigated 100 fatal jumps from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Its height is 75m, the body at the time of the collision with the water reaches a speed of 120 km / h. In the fall of a person gets a heart attack, lung contusion, damage to major blood vessels fragments of ribs. If the landing was on his feet, the injury is much smaller and likely to survive longer.



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