Coming of Age Day

Japan's national holiday - Day of age, celebrated in Tokyo. Traditionally, it is celebrated on the second Monday of January. On this day, they are invited to the regional and municipal management, where heads of administrations give them instruction in "how to behave in adult life".
Adulthood in Japan reached 20 years of age, from that moment, local residents have the right to vote, to make the real estate business and many other things that were not previously permitted.

In Japan, the majority say the person who last year celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Until the middle of the XIX century Japanese boys and girls become adults at different times.

Previously senior girls using for the first time put on a kimono adult cut, black teeth, shaved eyebrows.
Boys shaved curls over the forehead and braided pigtail (eboshi, haircut adult male). At the same time he changed the name of the child to the adult.
This ceremony is called Mogi. Upon completion of the boys and girls are considered adults and are able to marry.

Since 1876 the age of majority by the Japanese government has been established in 20 years, but the official holiday was established only in 1948, and until 2000 was celebrated on January 15.
In 2000 it was moved to the second Monday of January, giving thus three days off in a row.


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