Japan's national holiday - Day of age

Japan's national holiday - the day of age, celebrated in Tokyo. Traditionally, it is celebrated on the second Monday of January. On this day, they are invited to regional and municipal management, where heads of administrations give them instruction in "how to behave in their adult life." Young woman dressed in a kimono, this day walked around Disneyland, made a memorable photo with cartoon characters, ride the rides.

Majority in Japan reached the age of 20 years from now the locals have the right to vote, acquire and upotreblint alcoholic beverages, do real estate transactions and more, which was not allowed before.

In Japan, the majority say the person who last year celebrated its 20th anniversary. (AP)

Until the middle of the XIX century, Japanese girls and boys become adults at different times. (AP)

Before using the older girls for the first time put on a kimono adult cut, black teeth, shaved eyebrows. (AP)


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