Timothy Khriukin

August 10, 1938 the crew of our Security sank the Japanese aircraft carriers
Timothy T. Khriukin

Security with Chinese identification marks

"Giuseppe Verdi" before he became "Yamato Maru»

I-96 (A5M)

Ivan Pavlovich Selivanov

Fedor Petrovich Polynin

This story is so incredible that many consider it a fake. Neither before this episode or after it, there was no case to a single aircraft carrier sank. Meanwhile, this event took place, and the pilot, to accomplish this feat, was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.
The name of this pilot Timothy T. Khriukin. His life, he graduated with the rank of Colonel-General and deputy commander of the Soviet Air Force, and then he was the head of one of the groups of Soviet pilots, assists China in fighting Japanese invaders. By the time of his shoulders was Spain, and on the chest the Order of the Red Banner. By the spring of 1938 in the skies of China is safer because our bombers bombed during the winter almost all Japanese airfields. January 25, 1938 a group of 25 bombers attacked the Security Council on the airfield in Nanjing. February 23, 1938 Mr. Captain Fedor Polynin led a group of 28 sat in a raid on an airbase Hsin-Chu, located at the time belonged to the Japanese island of Taiwan. Sat 28 bombers dropped 280 bombs on the airbase and lossless returned to the airfield in Hankou, having been in the air for more than seven hours. As a result of the raid Soviet pilots destroyed 40 aircraft at the airport, a lot of aviation equipment in containers, hangars and a three-year supply of fuel.
However, in June, when the unit Polynin replaced by a new bomber aviation group headed Khriukin, our bombers began to be attacked by Japanese fighters I-96. So we have in those years was designated a Japanese carrier-based fighter 九六 式 艦上 戦 闘 機, better known now as the A5M. Planes were the sea, deck. It has been suggested that somewhere nearby is based Japanese aircraft carrier. Soon, this assumption proved to be true: one plane, being shelled by our gunner, made an emergency landing on the territory controlled by the Chinese, and the pilot was captured. During his interrogation revealed that I-96 is based on the aircraft carrier "Yamato Maru" is a converted into an auxiliary aircraft carrier cargo ship with a displacement of 9656 tons, built in Italy in 1915 under the name "Giuseppe Verdi". In 1920 it was bought by Japan. The steamer cut pipe, chimney relegate to the starboard side, and have built over his body wooden deck that served as a runway. The body of an aircraft carrier has been strengthened, and to improve the stability it established boolean nadelki. As anti-aircraft weapons in the "Yamato Maru" were installed six twin 13-mm machine guns 2 Gochkissa. May 31, 1923 an auxiliary aircraft carrier "Yamato Maru" has joined the ... Japanese land forces. His planes were to support troops of the imperial army in the theaters of war, poorly equipped airfields. During the period from 14 June to 28 July 1938 on the Yangtze it was sunk 49 Japanese ships, but the carrier detect failed: aviamatka appeared here and there, neatly disguised, nestled on the shore, hidden in bays, and our pilots could not it see . Sometimes scouts managed to detect aircraft carrier, but a group of bombers flying out on the trail of aerial reconnaissance, nothing, only rocks so the sea, overcast haze, a maze of islands and bays for hundreds of kilometers ... However, Timothy Khriukin not leave thinking to find a Japanese carrier.
It took another two months, but "Yamato Maru" remained bewitched ship invisible. One day Timothy Khriukin along with his co-driver Ivan Selivanov circled high above the riverbed of the Yangtze. At that time, our aircraft had over the Yangtze complete dominance in the air and on the river could not see a single ship and small boats, seeing flying bomber quickly clung to the shore. And suddenly Khriukin Selivanov and at the same time seen in a remote bay, covered with camouflage nets, the aircraft carrier "Yamato Maru." The wind was blowing from the shore, and a veil of mist covered the boat slowly receded into the sea. Without wasting a second, he went to the Security Council gave ataku.Ivan amendment. Timothy dovernul car and felt like a bomb thrown down. On the second pass Khriukin saw that "Yamato Maru" near the pipe itself, shot up a column of black smoke, rugged bright flames. The second bomb fell off the board, exploded in the water below the waterline, and at the same time, as if on cue, the barrage stopped. Lonely latest stream of tracer bullets rose slowly into the air, and everything was broken. The carrier began to list to port.
The aircraft dropped bombs and the last set course. Perishing aircraft carrier lying on its side, like a huge turtle, crawled out of the water. The pilots did not see his last moments ...
The exploration airfield sent two fighters. The pilots returned and reported - aviamatka turned upside head and sank.
During the sinking of a Japanese aircraft carriers Timothy T. Khriukin and co-driver Ivan Pavlovich Selivanov awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.


Source: warfiles.ru


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