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When the end of the world did come, the world will remain only a few are able to adapt to changing conditions of existence. If this happens in the next 10 years, for us personally not be easy to identify at least five citizens of a post-apocalyptic world. All of them are widely known for their transmissions about survival, where they have often had to do something that the majority simply do not have enough spirit. This quintet, happen that would detachment dream, so they definitely have a lot to learn.
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Bear Grylls

British TV presenter, famous thanks to the program "Man vs. Wild", has repeatedly found himself in extreme situations, and was on the verge of life and death long before the arrival of television. Therefore, eating unpleasant living creatures and drink urine in order to demonstrate the ways to keep the strength - it's flowers in comparison with the 500-meter drop to half parted parachute and 18-month rehabilitation.

Whenever Bear falls within the framework of the program another mess, he has, as a rule, there is at least some kind of tools (knife, water bottle, flint, or even parachute), but he uses them to the fullest. Although the program and very often leading porugivat criticism for contrived plots, persistent fans understand that survival in the narrow sense is reduced to following some simple rules, look at which of the series in the series is simply impossible.

Ed Stafford

If the previous male is usually accompanied by the entire film crew, this hero does everything alone. So, he was all alone for 2, 5 years along the riverbed Amazon, becoming the only person who did it. Past such talent could not pass and a channel Discovery, who shot a series of programs "bare bottom" with Ed in the title role. Their feature was the continued presence of lead in different remote corners of the world face to face with nature and the camera. Such a large number of self-Video no program had not seen!


Joel Lambert

In the TV show "Leave the chase" for Joel Lambert survival - is not the goal itself, and the accompanying difficulty, without which it simply can not fulfill its mission. When in a dense forest, it does not just have to not die of starvation or dehydration, but also to try to break away from pursuing his SWAT team. Fortunately Joel himself is also not a guy in the street, and the former (if there are any) seal, a military veteran and experienced instructor program BUDS - the same one that makes ordinary soldiers really tough warriors. Yes, as in the movie "GI Jane."

Transfer Joel is perhaps the most traumatic in the Discovery, in fact in hospital with fractures, sprains, bites and poisoning of wild insects visited every other member of her crew, including the most survivalist. But this is like the audience that more than "get away from the chase" waiting unless issues with backstage program

Timothy Bazhenov

It deserved hit on our list, and Russian TV, and just a real man Timofey Bazhenov, who almost single-handedly confronted the western survivalistov competition. As part of its ekstemalno-poznovatelnoy program "Rating Bazhenov," consisting of five parts, there is a cycle "It could be worse," which in the context of this article, the most interesting for us.

As mentioned above our colleagues, sent Timothy to survive in the forest, providing a specific set of items, such as salt, potatoes and toothpaste. And it is not that the channel takes care of the cleanliness of the teeth lead in the frame by simply using some of the ingredients he had to start a fire. How? Here we are interested in.

Ray Mears

Perhaps the most sedentary survivalist, prefer not to expend energy on finding a way out of the uncomfortable zone. So, if Tracking is and orienteering is not your thing, then armed with the knowledge of its program cycle "The Art of Survival", you can safely wait for the arrival of the search group where you get lost. In addition, Mears stresses that would be nice to his store of knowledge to take note of the skills of local people (unless of course they are) and try to apply them.

In addition to his television shows Ray Mears regularly publishes themed books, affecting not only the science of survival, but also cooking, nature, life and traditions of the little-known peoples.



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