Through time and distance

The length of the marathon is known - 42 kilometers and 195 meters, or imperial measures 26 miles and 385 yards.
Greek measures no one remembers, although they are known, "Orgy" (1 m 85 cm), "Stadium" (185 meters) or "a million", the Roman mile (1479 meters).

The legend behind these figures, everyone knows. In 490 BC the Athenian Greeks fought against the superior forces of the Persians and, surprisingly, won. From Marathon, the battle in Athens was sent a messenger named Fidipid. He ran without stopping at the August heat, I rushed to the People's Assembly, "ekleziyu" exclaimed nenikekamen! (we won!) and died.

About the glory of Athens, wrote so much, that this legend has gradually become a historical fact. In 1896, Greece wanted to revive the ancient Olympic Games, it was decided to include them, and marathon. The first Olympic champion in the marathon has become Spyridon Louis, the water-carrier by trade, ran the distance in 2 hours 58 minutes and 50 seconds.

The first woman, Catherine Shvitstser officially went the distance in Boston in 1967. It seemed then a great achievement, since before the ladies 40 kilometers not run.

After this sporting evolution of humanity has gone full speed, soon one marathon did not seem worthy of attention than that. People began to run seven marathons on (one every day for a week), 30 marathons (within a month), and so on.

Finally, in 2011, the Belgian Stefaan Engels ran marathons every day for a whole year and successfully completed 365 distances.

Today, writing a new record. A pair of old men, pensioners, Janet Murray-Wakelin (64 years) and Alan Murray (68 years) have run 366 marathons across Australia. Weekends and days off, every single day, in the heat, cold and rain they covered 10,000 miles across the Australian continent and the island of Tasmania.

366 marathon ended in Melbourne, where they live, at 5 am on the first day of the New Year.

For the year had to survive a cyclone, flood, forest fire, and hail terrible about the city of Perth. Runners had to make a break of half an hour, and eat the fruit mixture.

Ms. Murray-Wakelin also had to miss the birth of their fifth grandchild of Mario. In the south Kvinzlenda pair drove to a traveling motorcyclist and said that he - a relative, a cousin, who did not see 45 years.

The day began at 4 am with the monotonous breakfast: 10 bananas, grapefruit and fruity blend of dates. At 8 am - 10 more bananas, 9 - blendernuyu mixture of greenery, at around 19 miles - a fruit salad, a 23 mile - 3 oranges, 4 pm - avocado, vegetable juice and a salad.

And meat, proteins, fats? Scientific balance calories?

"At the digestion of such food, - he said in an interview with the BBC, Ms. Murray-Wakelin - the body has to expend a lot of energy. We also had to run a marathon every day, in all conditions. Such a diet has allowed it to achieve ».

"Nenikekamen!" - As the ancients said.


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