Bon Appetite

We always attract the most-things, events, people. We show our emotions, we do not always know what is behind all of this "most."
For example, the most expensive coffee in the world. One thousand one hundred dollars per kilogram. Wow! Yes I Am. Why so much we stand?
Yeah efficiency, you know, only three percent.
It turns out that to get this coffee Black Ivory (Black tusk) requires not only the coffee trees and collecting grains desired degree of maturity. An important link in the chain is the elephant. More precisely, their digestive tract. For this coffee stupid animals fed on the main menu, along with grass, beans and other ingredients. So, about three percent of the grain elephants did not have time to digest, but after passing through the digestive tract of an elephant, lose protein that, in fact, and imparts bitterness this product. Then these grains are carefully extracted from elephant dung, washed, and so on. D. During the passage through the path of grain through a process of natural fermentation, saturated fruit, banana and other flavors. In general, what are combined, and the saturated. Taste - a uniquely soft. (Still)
Came up with this whole process in Thailand (then again, who would doubt), in production at the moment involved a total of 26 animals, so the yield is low. Hence the price.
And I am more and more inclined to tea ...


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