Proverbs, "Reflection"

Great Khan, the head of one of the eastern states, was a wise and benevolent ruler. People loved their leader, praised him and wish many years of life ...
 Every morning, before starting to almighty cases Khan retired to a secluded temple where his project was equipped with a special mirror room. He meditated for a long time there and prayed to God to grant him patience and wisdom, and all the mirrors reflected his room clean face and humble smile ...
Solutions ruler has always been correct and that the country has flourished for decades ...
But once in the mirror chamber ran a dog. Looking around, she froze in surprise: hundreds of predatory eyes looked at her with interest. To scare many opponents, the dog growled and bared her teeth. But all the members of this huge pack told her the same ... In horror, the dog began to bark menacingly ... And on the morning of her lifeless body was found the servants of the temple.
The world is not good or bad in relation to us. It merely reflects our true essence. We often become victims of their evil thoughts, desires, words and deeds.


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