The MIRROR EFFECT: the World reflects to us what we think

That person irritates others, is in itself.

What man doesn't want to hear from other people is that it is most important to hear at this stage of life.

The other person can be our mirror, helping us to discover what we do not see, do not know yourself.

If the person is the fact that it irritates others, correct in yourself, the fate will be useless to send him the mirror. Avoiding what we hate, avoiding people that cause us to have negative feelings, we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to change their lives, deprive ourselves of the possibility of inner growth.

His attitude creates its own individual layer of the world or a "separate" reality. In General, this picture of individual reality depends on how people configured in relation to all that surrounds him, what he believes, what he believes or does not believe. But the paradox is in the fact that at the same time, his attitude is due to the fact and depends on what is happening around in his "individual" reality. What would it be? And it turns out the so-called "closed loop feedback" — "Reality is formed as a reflection image of a person's thoughts, and the image, in turn, is largely determined by the reflection."

If we define our reality as our mirror, it becomes visible as our "mirror" reflects us, i.e., our external world reflects our world, and our inner world of beliefs, convictions, fears, joys and sorrows.

Imagine a man standing in front of a mirror, directs all their attention, not trying to look at yourself from the inside out. I.e. looking at the external world, avoiding his inner world. In this scheme, the main role in the feedback loop is not the way, and reflection. In this situation the person is in the power of mirrors, because, as if fascinated, looks at his copy. And he even comes to mind that modifying the original document, ie your inner world and it will change its reflection, i.e., the world "outside".

As a result of this obsession with attention on the reflection we often get what you actively do not want.

We all remember from childhood the old wisdom:

• "For what struggled — on that and ran";

• "In the neighbor's eye and the mote will provide, but in its logs do not notice".

But here is an example of how our "Mirror" of reality:

Appearance. You may notice that almost all young children are very cute. Where does so many adults are unhappy with their appearance? All from the same place — from the mirror that returns back all claims. Grow a beautiful those who are internally confident in its beauty — here is their secret.

The rule: "If I like myself, I have all the more reason for it." But we should consider that the person should be totally sincere with yourself. Whether he sure or is he just thinks he is confident, or wants to believe it is "two big differences" as they say.

Our internal installation, the programs are broadcast to us on the screen of our "external" reality. The world is very inventive and operates countless number of images and most interesting in this story that the images everyone has their own, as well as attitudes, stereotypes and beliefs everyone has their own individual. For example, we all have different understandings of the same word. As with every word we linked to their individual associations and their individual experiences.

Let's experiment. I call the word "Man". What now arose in the mind? Sure everyone has their own, someone presented a man, aged 40, who is the sexless image of the stencil, one sees it complete, someone lean, etc. i.e. everyone has their own associations with this word, because the experience for everybody. And such an experiment we can conduct with almost all the words in our dictionary. That's how we communicate.

Now back to our "Mirror" of reality. What we mostly see in the mirror? And we see what is most focused to our attention.

For example, some experiences are wholly owned. He is concerned about them and the fact that he is not satisfied. When it thinks about what it wants, and wants what he thinks. This is a paradox. But the Mirror of the external World ignores our wishes or unwillingness — it's just exactly the content of the inner World, reflected image.


Another example of "mirror": What is not like what you get in your life in abundance. As a result, even more irritated, thus increasing the strength of his feelings. Mentally send all "go to hell" "fuck you all!.."

And that "mirror"? It returns the boomerang back. You sent and sent you there. The number of growing troubles in life. If you stand in front of a mirror and yell: "damn you!" — what reflection there? Right, a reflection of " How you wander, along with his world." Now let's look at the tendency to pessimistic expectations. Really looks unattractive?

And status: "But, it still does not work!" like sadomasochism. Sometimes you may think that the pessimist gets a perverse satisfaction, reveling in their grave share: "the World is so bad that any longer. Can't change it. Full fatality. So it serves him right and me with him!" Interesting, but a pathological habit of finding delight in negativity, developing, creates a predisposition to the offense: "I'm so great! And you do not appreciate! Here it is, the height of injustice! All I have offended, and do not persuade me! About to die, then you will know!"

And what do you get?

• What we fear most is what you get.

• What are trying to avoid, that and face.

• How we think about ourselves and the world thinks about us.

• The world reflects to us only what we think, i.e. our thoughts.

• The Outer world is a mirror of our Inner World.published


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P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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