Mirror. If they are endowed with mystical power?

The relationship of people with mirrors built on caution and filled with mysticism and superstition. This is due to the legends and rituals, the myths that have reached us from ancient times. Think about it: the mirror is an integral part of modern life, but if you look on the other hand is a reflection, to touch which is not possible, a kind of phantom.

It should be noted that there are several scientific versions about the nature of mirrors. One of them says that mirrors are merely a tool by which it is possible to look at events happening in other realities. Another theory focuses on what using mirrors one is able to dive into altered consciousness. Another version says that looking in the mirror, all the images and thoughts existing in the human brain, may become visible to other people. The following conjecture says that mirror is a magical portal between dimensions. Through it it is possible to peer in the mirror, and to let our world beings from other dimensions. Just last theory has become the reason why mirrors are often used in magic.

In ancient times, when there are no mirrors and did not exist, instead they used water. Historians and archaeologists say that a mirror has appeared about 2,5 thousand years BC It was a polished plate of metal. Ordinary people to use mirrors were not allowed because such a thing was considered an attribute of the gods.

In the period of the Inquisition masters, who were engaged in the manufacturing of mirrors, there are very few. In those days witches and sorcerers for rituals used balls made of rock crystal. Mirrors are used in an extremely dangerous and complicated rituals that could only make a powerful sorcerer. At different times, magical rites and divination, which involved the mirror, were considered the most dangerous, because at any moment you could easily lose control of the situation. The fact that wizards able to open the passage through the looking glass, you never know who is waiting there on the other side. It is important to remember that the open passage is much easier than his then close.

Many philosophical works which mention the mirror, tell that these items with ease is not only able to absorb negative energy, but also emit it. Mirrors accumulate and retain information about everyone who looked at them. It is believed that if a person with evil thoughts and the evil entity you look in the mirror, then this anger will be stored on the surface until, until it is broken. There are so-called mirror – vampires. They were witnesses to crimes or scandals. To identify such mirrors are simple: go out before them, Church candles, and from them emanates in some otherworldly cold.

Many people will associated with these mysterious objects. It is believed that a third child to keep to the mirror, as it will grow poorly. If the person left home, but returned, be sure to look at your reflection in the mirror. In the house where a person dies, the curtain all the mirrors. The sign says that they can be trapped the soul of the deceased. The greatest danger fraught with broken or cracked mirror. From such things, you should immediately get rid of.

Still all the features of the mirrors have not been studied. Kozyrev mirrors are widely used to establish communication with extraterrestrial beings. With their help even get information about various anomalous phenomena.published


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