Thanks to THESE tips regulated mirror of your car quickly and correctly!

Question about the correct setting of the mirrors of the car are relevant for beginners and gurus driving. Because of this in many cases depends on your security. It is not easy and you need to know the method of adjustment.

About how to adjust the mirrors of your car correctly and quickly, you tell the editors "Website".

How to set serieusly glancing in the side mirror, you see the rear wing of the car, it is a sure sign that the mirror is not configured correctly. With this arrangement, the mirror most of the area behind the car visible in the side mirrors and rear view mirror. But the area near the vehicle is viewed very badly and there is a danger of an emergency.

How to adjust the left side mirror
  1. Bear away to the left so that almost touch the side Windows. Adjust your mirror so you can see the rear wing of the car. When you routinely take the chair, in the mirror you will not see the wing of your car.

How to adjust the right side mirror
  1. Bear away to the right so that your head was in the center of the car. Thus, you should see the rear wing of his car.

How to adjust the rear view mirror
  1. Center rear view mirrors should be located on the center line of the rear window.

Important tips
  1. In any case, do not adjust the mirror while driving!
  2. Even properly adjusted mirrors there are so-called blind spots. And sometimes it's better to throw a look over your shoulder while maneuvering to avoid, for example, cyclist or motorcyclist. A glance over the shoulder gives you the necessary information that you'll never get it looking even properly adjusted mirrors.
  3. Always throw a glance in the mirror, not just in the moment when you want to rebuild. This will allow you to be constantly aware of the situation on the road correctly and to make sudden emergency maneuvers. For example, when you go around the pit.

Perhaps at first you will be very unusual to drive with the mirrors adjusted this way. But wait a couple of days and you get used to it so that you don't understand how previously traveled otherwise.

Have a safe drive! Share your tips with friends!

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