Blue Moon

This story should rather be regarded as a prelude to military service, and it concerns such immortal school discipline as "DPYU" or "pre-conscription training of young men." It was the spring of 2000. In the warm day about a hundred overage dunce, students in grades 10-11 Donetsk mine village SotsDonbass were escorted to a nearby military instructor vigorous military unit to become familiar with the harsh life, so to say, the defenders of the fatherland. Naturally, the atmosphere has been created appropriate and ideological work was carried out at a high level. In general, nothing foretold. Before the gates of the military director, as the old war horses, sensing the sounds of combat pipes began ruffle, young, chest puffed out, stomachs povtyagivali and so menacing eyes flashed. Oh and health. Who against ... But who asked them to begin to command ?! They're not on duty, but apparently only the pyramid of Pharaoh humpback correct. In general, the founding fathers of the commanders decided to show the locals that there is life in the old dog. Team "to become", "equals", "attention" has somehow been met. In column two, too, somehow built. Well, stomped hundred dunce on the territory of the. All would be well and safely completed. But then came the sacramental: "The song sings !!!!!!!!!" Well, who asked them ?! After three seconds of confusion one, as it sang, began: "The younger brother of the queen fell in love with pure love And once her in the woods, in the woods shaded his sepdtse podapil Well and stapshy SELECT miracle loneliness of heaven and everyone knew that he would never pokopitelem brides" Here already and the rest in all throat, in a hundred young sip taken up with great enthusiasm: "Blue Moon blame all okpuge govopili stpany This love, this love so strangely he did not pposto Blue Moon, GO-LU-BA-YA Blue the moon. And further in the text. More as we know, high school students on trips to the area of ​​the military did not drive.


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