DON'T MISS OUT! Tomorrow, November 14 — SUPERMOON

This year we will witness a record SUPERLINE the biggest one for last

70 years! In November, the Moon will come incredibly close to the Ground, the last time this phenomenon was recorded in January 1948.

On 14 November, the Earth, the Moon will look 14% bigger and 13% brighter. This phenomenon next time again November 25, 2034, so don't miss the show.

How is the supermoon ?

NASA explains the Month - elliptical orbit, one side perigee about 48,280 km

(30,000 miles)closer to Earth than the other. When the Sun, Moon and Earth line up

this situation is called a syzygy. Every year the Moon twice moving away from the Earth at the maximum possible distance - 406 thousand km (apogee) and closest twice on 357тыс. km (in perigee). If the perigee of the moon coincides with a full moon, we get what is called a perigee-sigite, that is a SUPERMOON.

It is interesting that every year the Moon moves away from Earth at 3.8 cm It means that with each full moon we see the moon smaller.

What does the Moon do?

The moon has a strong gravity, it is related to the tides.

During SUPERLINE when the Earth and the Moon are at a minimum distance, the tides will be much stronger. But the moon's influence is not limited to this. Also the Moon directly affect disorganizer. Frank brown, Professor of biology, says that the Moon accelerates the processes of metabolism.

During a full moon exacerbated chronic diseases, increased number of accidents. During SUPERLINE all of these factors appear even brighter. For example, the tsunami of 2005 in Indonesia, which took the lives of thousands of people occurred in the supermoon.

And astrologers recommend to treat the supermoon very seriously.

In this period exacerbated emotions. Try to control yourself to not to succumb to uncontrollable feelings, treat leniently those who have failed in their emotionality. The lunar energy during the period of SUPERLINE reaches a maximum, and its possible to use with advantage. 14 November 2016 the Moon will be in Taurus, this means that the time to plan and lay the Foundation for future business. But any initiatives astrologers do not recommend — there are days of the new moon.

In addition to the 14 days may be to disturb the financial Affairs related to banks, purchases, sales and debt.published

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