Pay yourself first: life Hack for personal Finance

The main principle of competent management of finances — revenues must exceed expenses.Another important principle — pay yourself first. I suggest not to waste time and begin now to create your emergency Fund. Why is it needed? Well, the stash never hurts.

 The task of the reserve Fund — to help us out in the case where if suddenly urgently needed money — a box car repair, job loss, medical operation, etc, etc. the Standard recommended size of such a reserve Fund — 3 to 6 monthly wages. As always, personal Finance is here all individually. Someone one salary is 300 Tr, one monthly income and limited in principle, and someone 20 Tr and then the best 6-salaries, of course, to have as NC (reserve), otherwise it may not be enough for the solution of unexpected problems. So, starting small — defer 10 percent of his income to the reserve Fund. The easiest way to do this, having a service auto payment Bank that issued you a payroll card. Opened in this Bank in the Deposit-urgent, reloadable, preferably with interest, for a period of six months to a year, better, of course, but to try for six months. Arrange auto payment to 10% of all amounts received in your map, automatically transferred to this input. And that's all! The money is not burning a hole in our hands and we just don't have the ability to spend on all sorts of lovely nonsense.

If you have no such possibility, or money you get cash in, simply open a Deposit in any Bank in which the most favorable terms, and immediately after receiving the salary, it's IMPORTANT!!! BEFORE you start to spend on the machine and go 10 percent made a contribution. Either through the terminal or through the Bank — as you prefer. ONLY AFTER the deferred 10% from wages — begin to spend the remaining part. Also interesting: Three of the universal law of money: keys to abundance , Breathe in deeply. Money miser does not love

We made the most important — pay yourself first, and only now can we allow others to take away from us the remaining salary, meaning they can go out and to pay shopping, fitness, hairdressers and all the rest.published Author: Marina Kaliseeva




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