Bureaucrats different countries (16 photos)

Photographer Jan Banning (Jan Banning) made a series of photographs on the theme of bureaucrats.
In these photos you will see the true faces of the servants of the people.
And so as not to distract them from the work they were photographed directly in the workplace.

United States, Texas, 2007. Roger Williams, Secretary State, the most important civil servant in Texas. Salary $ 10.000 (€ 7, 258).

United States, Texas, 2007. Didi MakEchern (born 1969) Director of Licensing, Texas Department of Licensing and Settlement in Austin. Salary $ 5, 833 (€ 4, 240).

Yemen, 2006. Abdullah Mohammed Hussein Al-Harazi (born 1962) Managing the department of planning and infrastructure of the area Dhi Sufal. Salary 32 000 rial ($ 179, € 123).

Yemen, 2006. Alkham Abdulvaze Nuzeli (born in 1982) works in the regional office of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties in the town of Al-Mahwah. Salary 12 000 rial ($ 67, € 46).

India, Bihar, 2003. Surinder Kumar Mandal (1946 born in) tax curator block Takurganzh. Salary: 9 500 rupees (€ 189, $ 208).


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