A fisherman in a boat carrying one person.

A fisherman in a boat carrying one person. Passenger hurry fisherman:
- Faster, late for work!
 And then he saw that one oar says "pray", and on the other - "labor».
- Why is that? - He asked.
- For Memory - said the fisherman. - In order not to forget to pray and work.
- Well, work hard, of course, all necessary, and pray - the man waved his hand - it is not necessarily. Nobody needs it, why waste time on prayer.
- Do not need it? - Asked the fisherman pulled from the water and paddle with the words "pray", and he rowed with one oar. The boat spun in place.
You see, what labor without prayer. At one point lace and no movement forward. Hence it is clear that to successfully sail the stormy sea of ​​life, we must hold fast in the hands of two oars: pray and work.


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