The devices, which will make you healthy (10 photos)

Every year on the market of gadgets, new devices, which are more like something fantastic.
But as the manufacturers claim, the list of devices to help maintain the health and always be happy.
Let's see what kind of miracle technology.

Bracelet for right living Jawbone, $ 179

Among the "devices for the health of" the most developed and popular are sports bracelets. They can count calories burned, distance traveled, and many other parameters. Jawbone from the company Aliph, one of the leaders in the production of wireless headsets for mobile phones - among the most advanced. Bracelet watches frequency of physical activity, monitors sleep duration and calories. The bracelet is useless without the supplied thereto application for iPhone (Now developers create an application for Android), which displays the information in tabular form. To find the calories, you have to just take a picture - though, to understand the way that you eat, the program can not always. Jawbone can be used as an alarm clock: bracelet counts the number of hours, which, in his opinion, sufficient to rest the owner, and wakes him at the time of REM sleep. If the unit believes that the owner is too long sitting at the computer, he vibration napominaeti the need to go. The route is determined by the built-in GPS.

Fork from overeating Hapifork, $ 99

There are many programs and websites to help keep track of your diet, but not a lot of these gadgets. Fresh from the development of the French engineer Jacques Lepena and companies Hapilabs (producing gadgets for health and active lifestyle) - plug Hapifork. The device monitors how quickly eats its owner, and in case of exceeding the speed starts to vibrate angrily. Fork remembers eating habits (time spent on food, the amount of food, the rate of consumption) and based on these data to give the owner of the recommendations. All the information it transmits via USB-port or Bluetooth. At the fork go on sale this year.

Device for controlling emotions HeartMath emWave2, $ 230

HeartMath emWave2 helps his owner to control and suppress the emotional state of stress. The device determines the heart rate using two different sensors - clip on the ear lobe or a sensor attached to a finger. If the frequency is much different from the usual for you (assuming that the device is not in use on the go and even more so on the run), the device gives instructions for breathing exercises to help calm (light bar indicator on a device dikutet deep breaths). The device can be connected to a computer and its display the cardiogram (in highly simplified form).

Mask for pleasant dreams Remee, $ 95

Remee sleep mask allows you to control dreams. With the help of special sensor device opredeleyaet when a person begins to dream, and at this point activates the built-in LED lights that blink. The makers claim that the flash unit allows the owner to realize that this is just a dream and avoid the nightmares.

The device for monitoring the environment Lapka, $ 220


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