How is the set of the army (4 pics + text)

Interesting story conscripts who it is time to serve the motherland.
The most explicit details of the recruitment.
Some people also have to do this, take note.

Author: Voenkomat breathe in my direction. Given the task to collect wacky documents. God is with him, I gathered, slowly, over the last month, though, and the nerves on the "stations of hell" shabby. The real test of strength, a kind of examination on the suitability for life in Russia were on the medical board. Six hours in a queue to 4 doctors, with whom I stayed, as a result, no more than 15 minutes. I am 16, I was a sickly boy, but serious grounds "hang" no. We have to worry about. And when a steep unaccustomed to the bureaucratic machine, with all boils delirium.

Take the beginning of the document list (to do list). That's why a military conscription office:
- Four of my photos (for business only need one)
- An envelope (phone long been invented, and "invited" by the school)
- A certificate of family composition (in fact, the usual residence, which in the passport)
- Questionnaire about my character from parents and class teacher (psychologist did not read it at all. But how much time teachers spend)
- The general tests (urine and blood from a finger valid week)
- Certificate from school (I'm from the school questionnaire rent, but also all of my communication with the military enlistment office through school, that is, they have the data).
That is a list of 13 items safely reduced to 5 (passport, photo, fluoroscopy, blood group and vaccination). Go ahead. The list gave me at school, and 7 out of 13 papers are taken at the same school. That is, each time the students individually suited to the nurse, the class teacher, the Secretary requests. Why not collect or sdalat all at once? So get faster, and nobody will be distracted from work each time.
Deadline approaching, so I had to skip school in order to get there in the morning to the local doctor for directions on analyzes. In general analyzes of all 7 days. Tell me, if I get sick, I will need to wait a week? I either get well or complications begin. We need to be tested to know the blood group, but I handed this. "How much time has passed?" - I was dumbfounded by the doctor. "Is it blood can change?»
Some windows registry is the device through which you can record to the doctors. I hate the registry and communication with aunts, so it's a good chance of avoiding the unpleasant procedures. Scotch glued paper "record only to the local doctor." All hangs badly, but in the end I get to a step input. Then I understand that my medical insurance policy two rooms and neither is suitable for the number of characters. I enter one that fits. Then passport: not completely fit, without writing the series. "Your information is rejected." Value is 10 minutes? I am sure that this system is the electronic registry has cost tens of millions.

The nurse asked where to get the help of family members, since no one knows about it. It turns out in housing. Hallway: The passport today is not working. At each stage, I had to deal with the Russian aunt. A school constantly "hint" that it is time to hand over all even call home. Although I do not recruit: at least six months can collect the papers.
Separate discussion deserve the questionnaire. It seems to me that they are coming up with mindless generator of random words, because the issues are illogical, stupid, and there are a lot of errors. Here are some examples of stupid questions. My comments in italics.
Questionnaire for parents that no one is watching:
- Financial situation of the family (below average, average, normal); Here, I thought: always thought that the "average", but there is a version of "normal". What to choose?
- What traits do you think the most important in the character of your son; What a difference a military conscription office, I have a good or evil.
- Your attitude to religion; what for? They are afraid that the Islamists?
- Do you and your son Russian citizenship; if I did not have citizenship, then I spit on the draft board
Questionnaire for the class teacher (chief), also nobody reads:
- It is different from most - yes, no; and that gives them this knowledge?
- ... Are still many questions on the nature of

Finally, medkomissiyaIstochnik:


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