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The past year has been filled by the different events. Scientists and ordinary people managed to capture in their lenses many wonderful and sometimes weird shots that hit us and mind-boggling. These photos remind you how incredible and amazing science really is. Frame storm in Utah ranked second in the kennel in 2013 National Geographic Traveler Photo.

Record long fish called "herring king" was found in October off the coast of California. It took a force of 15 people to pull it to shore (by the time the fish was already dead).

As a result of the eruption of Mount Etna on the Italian island of Sicily in the sky could be seen a giant ring of clouds with a diameter of 100 meters.

Russian photographer Sergei Gorshkov succeeded in photographing the volcano Flat Tolbachik eruption which took place this year after 36 years of silence. By the way, this photo has won the annual competition of wildlife photographers.

This year, the public learned of the existence of pretty colored corn. And buy this "new colorful vegetable" is already possible in a number of US online stores.

Stunning Aurora Lights in the Arctic Circle photographed in the early morning hours. Also known as the "Northern Lights" spectacular light show is created by rapidly moving charged particles the sun.

This combination composition depicts the November eclipse. Located behind the moon the sun creates extraordinary light reflections.

British photographer Tim Flach researcher has created a series of photographs entitled "More Than Human", which captured moments of great behavior of wild animals. For example, here's this tiger.

When you're ready Giant Magellan Telescope, its capacity exceeds 10 times the basic parameters of the telescope by NASA. In the photo, however, shows the sculpture replica of the telescope, but its creators promise to set a telescope in Chile in 2020.

Nick Brandt made a series of photos of dead birds and bats on a lake in Tanzania, which look as if made of stone. This effect is actually attached to a high concentration of ash and salt water lakes.

"Cafe in the city AquaPhone Calientes in Peru attracts many wild parrots who beg treats tourists." - Says Adam Lihshen photographer who managed to make this photo for the contest National Geographic. "Curious parrot looked at me with great interest, apparently, he liked my camera┬╗.

Researchers found sleep disorders channels (light blue in the photo) by neurons to get rid of unwanted emotions during human sleep.

Olinkito - the first previously unknown mammal that has been detected in the Americas over the past 35 years. This turned out to be a relative of the raccoon sweet beast!

Record scale algae Enteromorpha algal blooms were observed off the coast of China. Although algae are not toxic, they consume a lot of oxygen, thus causing considerable damage to the environment.

American photographer captured the attack on male female jaguar in the Brazilian forests. The picture won a prize in the competition Wildlife Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition.

During the launch of a rocket in Virginia frog thrown wave hit the camera lens, and became a "hit" of the summer.

Larger Image embryo chameleon - you can see cartilage (blue) and bone (red). Photo - the winner of the October competition Nikon Small World.

British "guru" ice cream Charlie Francis has created a luminous in the dark cream with jellyfish synthesized proteins - those that allow these sea creatures glow. Ice Cream Price only some $ 220.

London Zoo conducts annual weigh their pets, which by the way, there are more than 19 000. In the picture: anteater trying to weigh cunning.

The first high-quality map endangered forests on the planet. Between 2000 and 2012, we lost forest with a total area in excess of Mexico and Arizona together ... A new forests appeared only half of Alaska.

A few years ago people brought to one of the Bahamas piglets. Since pigs fearlessly swim around the boat, begging for food from the tourists, and this photo also was the winner of the competition National Geographic.

German zoologist, photographer took this photograph at a local zoo. Primates are experiencing and show emotions such as love, sadness, joy and cruelty.

Tiny baby panda born in the American Zoo on August 23. During the first three weeks of the newborn is not only absent hair, but even sexual characteristics! The experts were able to determine the sex of the baby just after 3 weeks from the date of his birth.



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