Can not lie, Mr. Putin. We are no longer trembling creature

< Victoria Slavskaya

Having been in the "enemy camp" in the heart of it - the Kremlin, revising all (no exaggeration) nation-wide news channels, I can confidently confirm that they are given Pointer Putin unceremoniously and peremptorily lie. But to lie, it turns out, can also be different.
Of course, now everyone has the opportunity to view news streams on the Internet from anywhere, but watching it from the source, this is the impression formed. Russian media deliberately operate on a single pattern, highlighting of the Maidan events only negative aspects. By constant brazen pereviranie number of protesters have all become accustomed. But the fact that the Russian screens you can see the homeless, dirt, thugs and hit all kinds of provocations - it's a fact. The important thing is: how is it removed, and under what sauce is served. Especially against the background proved to be a reporter of TV channel "Russia 24" Artem Complies with eloquent name - Max, who handed the fake Oscar specifically for Dmitry Kiselev, who still got his promotion. So, that "at the Independence smells Europe. Medieval! "- This is the matter of his mouth, and his ilk.
News from the fields of Ukraine begin all television issues that Russian citizens already managed to fill an unprecedented nauseam and anger "at the smaller brothers", they say, what they itching to do something! A itching to do - because I do not want to dance to the tune of officials who imagined themselves as gods, the supreme arbiter. Of course, Yanukovych is far from the imperial pretensions of Putin, but still. People are tired of the fact that the authorities thought about them in the least, that their views are not considered.
One of the journalists conducted an investigation, join the ranks of those who stand on the Maidan for money. Really stood all day and got his 150 hryvnia. From the point of view of journalism - did the right thing. Indeed deny sponsorship shares also impossible. Some journalists accentuate their attention to the comments of zombies standing on Evromaydane that mind, well, did not shine, piously believing that still stand up space Schengen. And the fact that the European association that does not smell - it does not smell and free European education and other European standards, allegedly "schiroserdno" offered Ukraine - about this and do not want to hear.
Yes, it's all there on the Maidan. But the positive side it is also impossible to discard. According to the same Number: "We, Russian journalists are forced to speak only positive about the Maidan. About any of objectivity we are not talking! "- He lamented live. So, it turns out, objectivity is only de-excitation of the negative side? The truth is always the middle. And through these perspectives goes "brainwashing" and the creation of "public opinion". Still, the average citizen, though do not believe the "box" at 100%, but can credit him when communicating reserves. On level ground swells confrontation "Muscovites" and "Ukrainians". Although I do not consider as Les Podervyansky, Russia "a hostile country." Nor do we believe "molodshimi brother", considering that "Kiev - the mother of Russian cities." I think only that of "complex menshovartostі" we need to get rid of long ago.
You have to understand that, no specific people standing on Evromaydanah against Russia. They are against the style of government, arbitrarily imposed Russia. And soon, the Russian authorities against the Ukrainian people, who set up his own people against us. For some reason they just forget at this point that "we are brothers, Slavs».
Attending one of the Moscow rallies during their last year zavarushek, I became an involuntary witness of Putin's methods. Rally instantly rigidly dispersed, objectionable planted in jail, and all other rebellious "smoothed out" under the pretext of cleaning the territory. My questions, "and anything else that people still sleep in the park surrounding houses, and cars emit a loud noise, and how they planned this act of purity?" - "Azeri" (as a "courtesy" call them Muscovites), which were employed as staff, organically frostbite.
So, while we can enjoy at least the fact that we have freedom of speech. The question is rather whether our words have power and weight? Listen to them?
Judging by the reaction of the authorities today, our words and deeds still have weight. And they cause considerable fear. This means that we are on the right track.


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