Soviet movie "Magicians"

I present to you some interesting facts about the history of this beautiful film that is not less interesting than the movie. 1. Musical "Magicians" was released the country at the end of December 1982. And though after the premiere of the film critics are not averse to anything good - for example, in the newspaper "Trud" wrote in 1983 that "the feeling of great satisfaction, a deep trace in the memory of the Prime Minister has not left" - this picture is firmly established in our Christmas "television set". < br />

Written in the book Strugatsky brothers "Monday begins on Saturday" the screenplay tells us that true love can work wonders. The institute "Nuin" (Research Institute of the extraordinary universal services) boils rough work on the production of a magic wand. Presentation of the invention is scheduled for December 31 in the New Year's Eve. But then getting into the act opponents Director of the Institute, pursuing their goals ...

2. By the way, the interior of the building was removed Nuin Ostankino television center. The film's director Konstantin Bromberg once got lost in it, and wandered into the building, where he found vosmiproletnuyu marble staircase with mosaics and smalt, which, as it turned out, all was forgotten. Banquet hall, where the final scene of the film - Suzdal hotel and tourist complex "Tourist Center". The house where she lived Alain, filmed in Pushchino. The film is an episode - when Alain flies on a broom, she flew around the building "Nuin" and showed him outside. Although it looks like a hotel building "Union" with a gable roof, but in reality the hotel "Union" gable roof has not. Were performed combined shooting and took up the building of hotel "Soyuz" and the top "dragged" Building GTK "Tourist Center". I must say, the hybrid came out very good.

3. spectacular scenes directions trio of horses in the winter woods decided to shoot in the Moscow Botanical Garden, which successfully complement the legendary musical episode "Three white horse».

4. In the first days of filming without a picture of the protagonist. In all the scenes where rushes dashing triple character of Emmanuel Vitorgan plays the trumpet, and sister Vanya (Alexander Abdulov) cheerfully sings "Three White Horses" Abdulova replaces understudy. Closeups Ivan were taken much later. The problem was that Abdulova refused to approve the television authorities, which had previously rejected as Mikhail Boyarsky. Eventually Abdulova able to agree, but it turned out that in addition to working in the theater, he acted in four films at the same time. "Magicians" was the fifth film, so that Abdul put all face the fact: "I can shoot only at night».

5. A staff member of the Institute Nuin, Head of the Laboratory of absolute surprises, experienced and seductive sorceress Alenushka played Alexander Yakovlev. At the beginning of the film, she is shown as a kind and sympathetic girl who later because of jealousy and intrigue Shemakhan Sataneeva was turned into a heartless and prudently careerists. Her book prototype is perhaps the witch Stella (Monday begins on Saturday). Despite the words of the director Bromberg at the beginning of the shooting: "Witch-play it, but Alionushka unlikely" (the actress was quite peculiar character), Alenka by Yakovleva compelling and convincing. And Abdulov actress well get along, so play sympathy for each other, they were easy.

6. Sister protagonist, Vani, Nina Pooh played Anya Gaydash. "My parents movie had nothing to do, - says Anna. - I, as usual, came with her friends in art school at the Palace of Pioneers, a woman came up to us and asked if we wanted to be in the movies. I could not audition. Do not want to talk about the text that I mischievous girl and bad learning because it has always been a good student. But in the movies very much, and I pulled myself together ».

7. The idea of ​​a white suit, which sported Alexander Abdulov (masterpiece "The main thing to suit sat"), borrowed from the movie "Saturday Night Fever" (1977). In this film, the same costume got the main character played by John Travolta.

8. On the role of Director of the Institute Nuin Shemakhan try and Natalia Gundareva and Alisa Freundlich, but played the jealous magician of the first magnitude Ekaterina Vasilyeva. Shemakhan character does not have a prototype of the book, her image was created by the authors of the film, as a synthesis of images of medieval charodeek, and yet it is largely akin image Prokofyevna Ludmila Kalugin (Office Romance). Surname, perhaps taken from Pushkin's "The Tale of the Golden Cockerel" ("Shamahanskaya queen»).

9. Deputy Director of the Institute Nuin, the main antagonist of the film Apollo Sataneeva excellently played Valentin Gaft. Sataneev - schemer and konyukturschik trying to trick marry Alyona and "unseat" Shemakhan before the commission in the New Year's Eve. It is noteworthy that throughout Sataneev picture does not do yourself any magical effect and may even knew nothing about magic - he could not even go through the wall behind Ivanushka. But he became a satirical way clever administrator, careerist and "science officials", staged out of place and go about their personal affairs to the detriment of the work.

10. on the set of relationships among Alexander Yakovlev and Valentina Gaft were extremely tense: actor irritated over a long process of makeup Yakovleva, sometimes she was confused in the text. Once again she forgot lyrics and Gaft, still play Sataneeva, grabbed her by the neck. Actor was so angry that he hardly persuaded to continue shooting. But he only acted separately from Yakovleva - then they drove during installation.

11. Semen Farad recalls that his role was conceived as epizodnaya - guest from the south with four phrases. But the actor himself invented his role. For example, the following is invented, when his character was lost in the maze of corridors. Directly in the frame gave the phrase: "God, how I lost weight." Phrase that has become a cruise, "Well, who so building ?!" Simon suggested Farad after one really got lost in the telecentre and could not find a camera crew.

12. Michael Svetin (comrade Bryl), Abdul Vitorgan their songs in the film themselves singing (with the exception of "Serenade" "... It's enough, one tone was enough to ignite the flame to the sky! .."). But for Yakovlev and Ashimov sang, respectively, Otieva Irina, Olga Christmas and Larisa Dolina.

13. George Vitsin voiced speaker cat Basil. However, in the final assembly censorship cut out almost all of the role of the cat, there were only two words: "Ham!" And "Hurrah!". Vitsin was terribly upset. Among other things, the role of the speaker seal auditioned 18 animals. They were given the sour cream and watching the facial expressions. The more expressive cat sniffed and licked the more likely he was to get the role.




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