Actors of Soviet Cinema 70s and 80s

In Soviet times, all the women dreamed of these actors, and men secretly envied and even tried something like them. Leonid Filatov, Dmitry Kharatyan, Alexander Abdulov, Igor Starygin - outstanding performers of whom loved to this day millions of viewers. Take a look at the photo telekumirov USSR 70s and 80s, and add their own versions.

Igor Starygin
Famous actor brought the role of the student school Bones Batishcheva in the movie "live to see Monday" and the role of junior adjutant of His Excellency of a five Mickey in the film "The adjutant of his excellency," Aramis in the film trilogy "d'Artagnan and Three Musketeers" and the former royal officer in the Soviet Vladimir Danovitch Art television series "The state border».

The painting "live to see Monday" has collected many prizes and even was declared the best film of 1968 as voted by the magazine "Soviet Screen". Igor Starygin she first brought fame and the first fans ...

Among the films which starred actor: "Return of the Musketeers, or the treasures of Cardinal Mazarin" (2009), "The adjutant of his excellency" (1969), "live to see Monday" (1969), "D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers" (1979) Musketeers 20 Years Later (1992), The Secret of Queen Anna or Musketeers 30 Years Later (1993), the State Border (1980), Zmeelov (1985), Moon Rainbow (1984), "The first single," (1979), "Red diplomatic couriers" ( 1977), and so forth.

Dmitry Kharatyan
As a child, Dmitry and not thinking about a career artist, loved the simple boyish fun, interested in sports and music. He played the guitar and sang. Thanks to this ability Dmitry first came to the cinema - he was auditioned for the role of Igor Grushko in the film "Drawing". In 1977, the film came out, and Dmitri, they say, "became famous».

In 1987, the film Svetlana Druzhininoj "Midshipmen, forward!", He played a major role and became the idol of millions of women and girls. The movie "Midshipmen, forward!" Was released and immediately created a furor. Midshipmen immediately dubbed "Russian musketeers", and this is no accident. Gripping story, beautiful songs, beautiful, fearless heroes. Haratyanom packs letters arrived, within four years, he was named best actor of the country.

Dmitry Kharatyan says: "After the" Naval cadets "began a kind of madness. Letters come in batches, someone wrote that he was going to give birth to me, someone else has already given birth, someone named his son Dima, someone Alyosha (in honor of my character). One girl even came from the Ukraine with suitcases on me "to get married» ...

The image of "Russian musketeers" Alyosha Korsak for many years was the "calling card" Haratyan.
In 1991 and 1992, he starred in the sequel of "Russian Musketeers" - "Vivat, cadets" and "Midshipmen III». Total Haratyan played more than 60 film credits, including Volodya Patrikeeva in the "Green Van" (1983), Dmitry Puzyreva in the film "Private Detective, or Operation" Cooperation "" (1989), Alexander in Turkish "Black Square" (1992) de La Mole in "Queen Margot" (1997), the title role in the TV series "Ivan Podushkin. Gentleman Detective "(2006), and his father Oleg Komarov in the remake of the movie" Joke "(2008).

Sergey Zhigunov
In 1983 Zhirunov debuted on television with a role in the adventure film "oath record." In the same, 1983, took his film debut with a small role in the crime drama Igor Voznesensky "pleaded guilty».
-Union won thanks to starring in the popular television series "Midshipmen, forward!" (1987).

Two years later, his success cemented the role in a fantastic melodrama Yuri Moroz "The Witches Cave" (1989). In 1991 he starred in the film "Vivat, cadets!", Which is a continuation of the story, "tell" in a sensational show.

In the period from 1991 to 2004, Sergey Zhigunov played about twenty roles in film and television. Starred in "Hearts of Three" (1992) TV series "Queen Margot" (1996), "Cadets" (2004) and others.

Ivars Kalnins
The road to fame Ivars Kalnins opened Via Artmane proposing star in the movie "Theatre" based on the novel by Somerset Maugham. The picture was released in 1978. The role of Tom Fennell, the young lover of an aging diva in an instant made Ivar Kalnins famous all over the country.
Very soon Kalnins became extremely popular, especially among the female half. Force devilish charm and undeniable talent, he won millions of female hearts, his charming Latvian accent just drives you crazy spectators.

Among the most popular projects with the actor: Rodion Nahapetova television film "Do not shoot the white swans" (1980), a dramatic thriller "Case squared 36-80" (1982), a popular adventure series "TASS is authorized to declare" (1984) crime drama "mad Bus" (1991) and the thriller "Mirror Wars: Reflection One" (2005).

Igor Kostolevsky
Position Igor Kostolevsky defined quickly - hero-lover. This has contributed to many of its attractive appearance. Success in film came really early, with the movie "The Captivating Star of Happiness».

All roles Kostolevsky felt extraordinary intelligence and dignity. Even the role of the Young Communist League leader Stoletov in the television series Igor Shatrova "And that's all about it," was played by an actor with his usual grace.

Among the works of the actor in the 70s is also worth noting the role of the teacher of astronomy Marina Mirren in the melodrama "Nameless Star" and one of the shareholders of the cooperative in the hilarious comedy Eldar Ryazanov "Garage". Finally in 1980, the screens out the legendary political thriller "Tehran-43", where the actor played the role of a Soviet agent Andrei Borodin. By this time Kostolevsky was already recognized a "star" of the national cinema.

Mikhail Boyarsky
One of the best works of Mikhail Boyarsky in the movie became Teodoro in the musical film Frida Ian "dog in the manger" (1977), filmed on the play by Lope de Vega, - in the film, is still loved by the audience.
Finest hour actor in film came in 1978 with the release of pictures on the screens of the country G. Jungvald-Khilkevich "The Three Musketeers" in which he starred - D'Artagnan.

Thanks to D'Artagnan and popular songs from the movie fame actor has reached incredible heights. The audience laughed and cried, worried about the strong and courageous heroes. So at the end of the 70 Boyarsky becomes wildly popular.

Once again I have Yungvald-Khilkevich Boyarsky starred in the adventure film "Prisoner of If Castle" (1988), playing a negative role - the Comte de Morcerf.
Of the other works of Mikhail Boyarsky should be noted roles in films directed by Svetlana Druzhininoj. In 1979, he starred as the love of a hussar in the musical comedy "The Courtship Hussars." Then his image of a romantic hero - plastic, clever, charming man with no weak points was used in a series of historical and costume movie "Midshipmen, forward!" (1987) and "Vivat, cadets!" (1991).

In many of his films Boyarsky sings. He first sang in the children's musical film "New Adventures of Masha and Viti," then in musical fairy tale "Mother." A song from the "Musketeers" - "Bye-bye, shaking ...", "Pourquoi pas" and others became popular in truth. Also remember the audience songs from the children's movie "Above the Rainbow" (1986). But there were also many hits of those years such as "It should not be", "let it be", "leaves a plait", "That broke", "Sit in the fast train", "Zelenoglazoe taxi».

Alexander Abdulov
In the movie actor made his debut in 1974 as a student.

However, wide fame came to him only after the role of the Bear in the TV movie "Ordinary Miracle", produced by Mark Zakharov on the play by Eugene Schwartz.

During his work in the movie actor starred in more than 120 films.

The best of them: "The most charming and attractive", "Do not part with your beloved", "Carnival", "Search for the woman", "Magicians", "The most charming and attractive", "For beautiful ladies", "Formula of Love", " Ten Little Indians "," Midshipmen, forward! »

Nikolai Eremenko
Eremenko starred in films of different genres: musical "June 31" and "Rebel barricade».

And in 1979 in theaters in the Soviet Union came the first Soviet fighter "Pirates of the twentieth century" - the effect was like an explosion.

The audience loved mechanic Sergey Eremenko Jr. was named best actor of 1981 (the survey was conducted magazine "Soviet Screen"). Eremenko first to show modern man-defender.

Leonid Filatov
Filatov started acting in 1970, and by 1973, consciously or intuitively found a second acting profession.

After years of work in film, he starred in the films "Rooks", "A Forgotten Tune for the Flute", "Crew" (1980), "City Zero" and the role in the film "The Captain's Daughter" (Shvabrin, 1976) "From the Life of the Chief of the Criminal Investigation" and so forth.

Role of a daring flight engineer Igor Skvortsov in the movie "The crew»


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