Films that will give you a Christmas mood. 20 masterpieces to create a festive atmosphere.

New Year is getting closer, and that means it's time to get ready in full swing! It is necessary not only to buy tangerines and champagne, but also need to stock up on Christmas mood! These 20 films are very different, but they all create a festive atmosphere. So take a warm blanket, stocking up on cocoa and sit down to review or have favorite movies complete strangers to you.

1. Love Actually

As you already understood, is a film about love. It is everywhere. In love with his housekeeper writer, an aging rock star, bored prime minister, a widower, actors - all the heroes of this film will melt witnessed something very important.

2. Home Alone

The film, which has become a symbol of the New Year. I do not know a person who would not have seen. This story is sunk into the soul of all, because the New Year holidays because we want to believe in miracles.

3. Vacation exchange

Good, friendly and just a great movie that changes in life - it's good. We do not have the courage to turn off the phone at the weekend or a session in the movie, but after watching this movie, you want to go to adventure.

4. Intuition

This movie you want to watch, hug a loved one. It is unobtrusive, with relevant jokes, nice picture, good actors and a wonderful Christmas atmosphere that sneaks just under the skin.

5. A Christmas Carol

This adaptation of Charles Dickens. History miser Scrooge gives us a chance to believe that even deeply disappointed in this world a man who is alien to all the good may again start to enjoy your life.

6. Family Man

By incorporating this film gives the impression that you're watching another American melodrama. But you'll be shocked at how skillfully he reveals the theme of family values ​​and the present life of happiness.

7. Noel

Slightly melancholic and sad film tells us about the maze of human destinies. Let the magic is very rare, even if only once a year, but it is there.

8. Old New Year

During the two hour movie you will see eight stories that are intertwined. They are taught to forgive, to love, to let go and appreciate. Also of note is the wonderful cast and great music.

9. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Fairy tale from Tim Burton's whimsical simply gorgeous in every way. The scenery and special effects, humor in the face, the philosophy, the characters and the actors - everything is left to chance.

10. Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka

Classic and timeless. This film adaptation, though removed almost half a century ago, captures his kindness and humor. Scum, blacksmith, Oksana, potbellied Patsyuk and other characters will not leave you rasnodushnym.

11. 200 cigarettes

In this film there is bubbling over with the screen of happiness, joy and cheerfulness. But there unbanal humor, catchy stories, youthful carelessness and love, free and easy.

12. A gift for Christmas

A bit naive and not very believable, but still good, mischievous, funny and truly festive comedy about what can parents, in his infinite love for children, and in an effort to give them the best gifts.

13. Girls

It's amazing how bright, colorful and emotional can be black-and-white film, optimism is contagious. This movie is able to melt the coldest heart, make to smile the most serious or sad person.

14. Carnival Night

Eldar Ryazanov's film will give you a positive charge, and the young Lyudmila Gurchenko will convince you that "The good mood will not leave more than you do!". The immortal masterpiece of cinema.

15. While you were sleeping

It would seem that the usual melodrama, but in this film it is impossible not to fall in love, because the story of Cinderella and the Prince never get bored. He and impresses its warmth, romance and naivety.

16. Kate and Leo

"Kate and Leopold" - the perfect combination of melodrama and comedy, which is available only to Hollywood. This tale is especially nice to watch the New Year, when we all so want to love and warmth.

17. Wizards

This is the most real, rare, good Soviet cinema, which everyone loves, if even seen. In acting, music, humor and story "Magicians" carry a huge faith in miracles and magic.

18. Sleepless in Seattle

The film, surprising in its simplicity, richness and touching. Pass one of the cozy New Year's Eve in the company of his heroes - a true gift for the mind and heart.

19. Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!

Cult film, quotations from which we all know by heart. Just like the heroes, every year go to the baths, we have every year on December 31 look this good movie.

20. Bridget Jones's Diary

We love this film. Is there something in peace and comfort, so every year in one of the winter evenings, we wrap up in a blanket, take a large mug of cocoa and again reviewing the history of Brigitte.

Review all of these films, they are full of goodness, love, warmth and elusive magic that is in the air on New Year's. And tell your friends an efficient way to stock up on Christmas mood!

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