Charge by the festive atmosphere! 10 domestic films, which will give you the Christmas mood.

According to the present "Christmas" films, can create a festive atmosphere not so much. Under the new year comes a lot of movies, but very few of them want to review again. Of course, these films more than the Americans, but, nevertheless, among the domestic and paintings are worthy representatives of this genre, able to compete with overseas counterparts. Below collected 10 domestic films that can give a holiday atmosphere just before the New Year.

Look for a woman

Partly notary office in Paris. Chatterbox - Secretary Alice adoring detective, becomes the only witness to the tragic incident. Then it will have the most to investigate the case. Most notably, that the effect of a single moment is not transferred to another place, everything revolves around the damn office!

orphan Kazan

When waiting for a miracle? Whether there is it? Is it possible to? Answers to these questions gives the film "Orphan of Kazan." The miracle is, and can be incredible welcome and even absurd. And it is better to wait for the New Year. Let no one under the tree, and ... a somewhat different form.

Come Look at Me

This is another wonderful, kind and wonderful tale that happened is not somewhere in the state of Far Far Away, as in ordinary Moscow apartment with ordinary people. And miracles - such simple, everyday, but which are so often lacking. Mikhail Agranovich with inimitable Oleg Yankovsky created the present Russian cinema, how we want it to.


In this film grew more than one generation of children: the tale, and even folk. A mixture of all sorts of fabulous legends of Russia, in which form it, we told our mothers and grandmothers, and then gathered them in a remarkable film Alexander Rowe, but still gives a unique flavor to each hero and clothed in the epic movie.

New Adventures of Masha and Vitya

"New Adventures of Masha and Vitya" - a tale about the magic, good, good and bad deeds, courage, generosity and intelligence. Two children go to dreamland to help Santa Claus to release his beloved granddaughter from captivity Koshchey. And who is it just does not occur in the way: cat, devil, Baba Yaga, apple, stove. But Masha and Vitya overcome all obstacles, and all thanks to the kindness and intelligence of Viti Masha.

Old New Year

In the pre-holiday fuss it is always useful to look at the film about the life of our good old actors. The most memorable in it - it is, of course, the dialogues. At the same time the heroes did not need anything special - just to meet the holiday, to communicate with friends and loved ones, simultaneously figuring in itself.

Gentlemen of Fortune

Classical brilliant comedy, filmed in the Soviet Union for almost forty years ago, will never lose that spark, the kind of atmosphere that we want to convey the actors and filmmakers. One easy and native humor will live forever in the hearts of people, truly appreciating the art of cinema.

Ivan Vasilievich

"Ivan Vasilievich" - not only the favorite film of millions of Russians, but also a masterpiece of world cinema. Great movie. Although, if only because revising it for the millionth time, people do not stop to laugh at jokes that are not "stale" with each new viewing. Knowing the script almost by heart, still want to watch again and again. Everything in this movie is unmatched: the acting, the phrases that sound to this day, songs ...

Poor Sasha

The film should look to anyone who likes a warm, family movie. He is kind, gentle, a very native. Everybody can find something close itself. "Poor Sasha" - this sketch of our lives - sometimes absurd, fast, full of joy and frustration, full of love.


It's just a real fairy tale. Transformations, villains, many, many kindness of a fairy-tale heat. Actors have invested in their characters all the kindness and tenderness, which could. Just think: the war ended more recently (the film was created in 1947), and people have found strength to create such a beautiful film. It's not only dreamlike, but also instructive calls for, to love and to do good.

These films do not get bored ever want to review them dozens of times. These masterpieces of Russian cinema will always be warm us with its warmth and kindness.

Tell your friends that you can see for the holidays!

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