15 of the original decorations, which will come the New Year

Feeling the New Year comes around when everything looks festive. Every winter closer to January, we decorate our homes, and every time we want to surprise yourself and loved ones with something new and unusual. It is not necessary to run to the store for new toys, candles, garlands - you can create a Christmas atmosphere, if you make jewelry themselves.

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Holiday candles h3>

For New Year's Eve has become a truly special, dim the lights and arrange the candles around the house. Candlesticks you can do with your hands: it will approach the banks, flower pots, cones, and even cinnamon sticks.

Made with Love h3>

Christmas decorations can also be done by hand: for example, to blind them from clay or sewn from felt or velvet. And if you do not like to sew, try the toys transparent balls or old bulbs. To do this, cover the surface of the glass glue and drop a ball or a light bulb in a flat dish with sparkles.

Let there be light h3>

Glowing garland guaranteed to create a Christmas mood. Hang them literally everywhere: on the railing of the stairs, ceiling and walls, cabinets and along the doorways and, of course, on a Christmas tree. Make garlands can be yourself - such as corrugated paper or foil.

Small, yes udalenkaya h3>

An excellent Christmas decorations Christmas tree will be made of cones, buttons, lace, woolen yarn or colored stickers. Ready to decorate the Christmas tree sparkles, beads and ribbons - and she will be able to compete with this tree.

Drawing with Santa Claus h3>

Do not forget about the decor of windows and draw a beautiful frost. To do this, cut out the stencils of thick paper and prepare the paint: Mix toothpaste with water to a thick state. Now we have to make stencils to the windows and wet them with a sponge.

Delicious garlands h3>

If you are looking for an original way to decorate the house for the coming holiday, bake fragrant ginger biscuits and make a small hole in it. Thread the ribbon through the holes and treat loved ones original edible garland.

A bit of nostalgia h3>

Christmas tree can be decorated not only with tinsel, garlands and Christmas toys. Make the holiday brighter and hang on the tree printed family photographs - such an original decor definitely will not leave anyone indifferent.

The joy of children h3>

Do not forget about the children - to make them their own hands a beautiful Christmas decoration. Simply put in a jar of toys and Christmas tree, as well as snow, use rice or cotton.

To toys was warmer h3>

Make Christmas toys can be of anything - even from an old scarf or sweater. It did not take long: Take Christmas ball and tightly obtyanite his woolen cloth. Now tighten the fabric at the bottom of the ball with the help of tape - and you can hang the ball on the Christmas tree, windows or railings.

Tangerine mood h3>

Let this year mandarins adorn not only the festive table, but the tree. Put the fruit in a simple plywood boxes, laid by kraft paper. When they are dry, decorate them with ribbons or cinnamon sticks. These simple but fragrant crafts will look great in the neighborhood with other Christmas toys.

Celebration everywhere h3>

Decorating Christmas balls can be not only a Christmas tree: the windows and a chandelier, they will look just as good. Balls easily mounted on colored ribbons and hang, for example, on the ledge.

Creative Tree h3>

The small apartment is not a reason to abandon the tree. Especially as the traditional fir tree it is possible to move the wall: draw or make her silhouette from individual small items. Get a real art object!

A warm welcome h3>

Do not forget to decorate the dinner table: the familiar desktop supplement tablecloth track with a bright pattern. A classic linen napkins can be decorated with a sprig of spruce or rosemary, folded into a figure of a snowman and Christmas trees. Picture supplement fragrant candles and Christmas wreaths.

For beautiful toast h3>

Make ordinary glass glasses in bright New Year's pretty simple: just decorate them with colorful satin ribbons. Just a few minutes - and the usual glasses will change beyond recognition. Another interesting option - to make them drawings enamel paint. Such glasses as you like, no one would.

As in a fairy tale h3>

Elegant Christmas decoration can be made from a conventional branch. Paint it silver paint from a container and attach it to the eaves or chandelier. Now hang on a branch Christmas toys - a fantastic atmosphere is guaranteed.

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