15 ways to decorate the Christmas dishes

Many believe that decorate the dish is not necessary. Meanwhile nicely served salad, for example, delights the eye and causes appetite even before you try it.

Today Website will show how easy it is original and decorate the holiday table. Let these ideas will help you to create your own unique and festive atmosphere of New Year's Eve.

Herringbone for a snack (sandwich, rolls, salad and canapes) h3>

Feed in the form of a Christmas wreath h3>

Olivier, crab salad in a cheese basket and Dressed Herring h3>

New feed snacks h3>

Making cheese plate h3>

Skins holiday baking h3>

Decoration cheesecake h3>

How to apply strawberries h3>

Jewellery made from puffed rice h3>

Christmas trees for dessert (fruit, chocolates and biscuits) h3>

Decoration ribbons h3>

Christmas cupcakes h3>

Ice h3>

How to serve strawberries and marshmallow h3>

Decor champagne bottle h3>

40 Christmas cards that can be done in half an hour

5 ways to turn a house into a Christmas fairy tale

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