10 bright ideas Christmas decor

The new year is around the corner – and that means it's time to start preparing for the holiday. Tell than to replace the Christmas tree, where to hang the garland and how to save money on Christmas toys

Consider the scenario of the New year better: propose to start with holiday decorations. Tell how to decorate the apartment by December 31 and to create an atmosphere of home comfort. Make it very easy – especially in your Arsenal is a budget 10 ideas Christmas decoration. Idea # 1: output in color

New year's interior to look stylish, choose a color scheme and basic shade of the decoration. For example, white color is always relevant for the New year in Scandinavian style. Red will help to decorate the house in traditional way. As deep blue goes well with other dark, light and woody – it will easily fit almost any decor.

      Idea # 2: welcome!

Christmas decoration of the house should start right from the doorstep. Hang on the door of a fir branch or a wreath of mistletoe in the European tradition. Do not forget the decoration of Windows and draw beautiful frost patterns. For this cut the stencils out of construction paper and make the paint: mix toothpaste with water to a thick state. It now remains to apply the stencils to the Windows and wet them with a sponge.

      Idea # 3: more light

Don't forget to decorate the house with festive garlands: they are guaranteed to create a Christmas mood. Hang them literally everywhere: on the stair railing, the ceiling and walls, along the cabinets and doorways, and, of course, on the tree. To make a garland and you can own hands – for example, from the cones, corrugated paper or foil.

      Idea # 4: formula uyuta

You will be surprised how different the atmosphere in the house, if you replace the lamp on a conventional candle. With the help of glue and materials for sewing – bead beads, ribbons, and unnecessary buttons, you can give them a festive look. And candles burned longer and did not go out before morning, put them in a bag and store in the freezer the day before the holiday.

      Idea # 5: a soft decor

New year's eve – it's time to update your home textiles. For a holiday perfect bedding and pillows bright shades, tablecloths and blankets with Christmas designs. If you want to use these fabrics all year, choose a more neutral figures, red cell, or letter prints.

      Idea # 6: the original approach

A small apartment is not a reason to abandon the Christmas tree. The more traditional spruce is quite possible to replace a decorative tree –small and in a pot. In addition, the tree can be moved to the wall: to draw, to make her silhouette of a separate small items, or to attach to the wall a few sprigs, decorated with tinsel and colored balls. Get a real art object!

      Idea # 7: made with love

Why buy Christmas decorations when you can make them with your hands with your children? Toys you can sculpt from clay and make from felt or velvet. But if you don't like sewing, try to make toys out of transparent balls or old bulbs. To do this, cover the glass surface with glue and dip the ball or bulb into the bowl of glitter.

      Idea # 8: for the little ones

Arrange a real holiday for children and make a Christmas cracker. As a skeleton you can use the sleeve from the toilet paper – it will shape the future firecracker. For the wrapper, use ribbons, colored paper and foil. You can also decorate the cracker with glitter. Most importantly, do not forget to put confetti inside or a sweet surprise.

      Idea # 9: bon appétit!

Don't forget to decorate the dining table: the usual table cloth customize table runner with a bright pattern. And classic linen napkins you can tie a thin string and decorate with a sprig of fir or rosemary. Complement the picture of scented candles, Christmas wreaths and beautiful glassware.

  Idea # 10: the rhythm of the holiday

Christmas decoration may be even and sound: popular Christmas tunes make the atmosphere in the house really festive. Offer not be confined to the living room and change the ringtones, alarm clocks, Android, and exercise to your favorite Christmas Christmas clips and Christmas Comedy. published Author: Julia Bezborodov P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! © Join us at Facebook , Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki



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