Now I know how to decorate a festive table! 15 fabulous ideas for New Year's decor.

always ready for a nice winter holidays! Especially the process drags creating a festive interior and production of original decorative things with their hands. But where do you start a pleasant experience? Let's start to figure out how to decorate a festive table!

With great pleasure «Website» shares with you ideas for the New Year decoration ... We are also already in anticipation of the celebration!

Decor New Year's table
wood ornaments little on your desktop!

Multi-colored lights will make your holiday an incredibly fabulous.

Do not like the lights - add luster!

Or gold ...

Give your guests a small Christmas tree!

And you can make a fruit spruce.

New Year without a snowman - not New Year.

Dress up in costumes their cutlery.

Originally, is not it?

How do you such an idea?

So it is possible to fold napkins ...

... Or both!

Podbavit heat!

Cones does not happen much.

Happy holidays to you and boundless love!

We hope that at least one idea of ​​holiday decor will send you liked ... As you can see, with their own hands to make a fairy tale is very simple!

Now you know, how to decorate the Christmas table , - to share ideas with their friends



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