I cut off the top of a tin can, and did as much as 3 lovely things for the house! I can not stop looking ...

< Cans - the perfect material for creativity, as it turned out! At first I reacted to the idea with suspicion: Never would have thought that the cans are obtained from a very nice and useful things for the home ...

I cut off the top of tin cans, painted it blue paint from a container and drill small holes. The holes formed in the stunning design in the shape of snowflakes. Then I put a candle inside the tin-tablet. Needless to say, now it's my favorite candle, made with his own hands!

How to use tin bankiPosmotri this video where you can learn the original ideas for the Use cans You'll need just a can of paint, the opener for canned food, perhaps - glue, thread or wire

. I certainly do organizer for pens and pencils, sticking 6 cans! Still it would be nice to make a comfortable kitchen ... podstavochku option for articles made from cans a lot, and want to experiment!

If these bright ideas found their way to your heart, will be pleased with their friends!


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