Two young ostrich were beside themselves with grief. Whenever a female was taken to hatch eggs, they burst under the weight of her body.
 Desperate to get their way, they decided to go for advice to the wise strausihe. Many days and nights had to run them until they reached the goal.
- Help us! - Both cried. - Instruct and teach us, unfortunate as to hatch eggs! How much we tried, we were not able to obtain offspring.
Having listened carefully to their sad story wise strausiha said in response:
- The point is arduous. In addition to the desire and effort, there ought to something else.
- What is it? - Once exclaimed both ostrich. - We agree on everything!
- And if so, listen and learn! The most important thing - it's the heat of the heart. You should treat with love demolished egg, constantly worrying about it, as the most expensive for you valuables. Only heat your heart is able to breathe life into it.
Inspired by the hope of ostriches went way back. When the egg was demolished, male and female began to carefully take care of him, never taking her eyes off him, full of love and tenderness.
So it took a lot of days. From constant vigil both ostrich barely stand up. But their faith, patience and efforts were rewarded. Once the egg is something wavered, it cracked and split, and looked out of the shell of a tiny furry head strausёnka.

Everything you do, do with love. Then you will succeed.


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