Why in Russia did not give plucked flowers?

Our ancestors knew reliably that pick a flower trying to survive, and remain without roots and power begins to actively vampire life energy from the environment.
Fall under the distribution of everything: people, animals and other plants. That is why healers never plucked dried flowers, herbs and roots in a residential area.

The famous Bulgarian prophetess Vanga refused to accept in his home of a man who by his misguided brought her a bouquet of flowers. "Why nesёsh my house death?" - She asked. If someone still wanted to give her flowers, she could bring them into the pot - with roots. Wang did not mind. Pick a flower - a symbol of death, she said. After all, he was deprived of the ability to live.

In Cuba, for example, plucked flowers can be seen only in one place - the cemetery. The country is buried in flowers; However, peace officers may be fined for plucked flowers. And this attitude to color There is not only in this country.

But maybe it's better to give flowers, plastic, synthetic? After all, they will never fade and will not vampirirovat. With this, too difficult to accept, because they are already dead beforehand.

It remains to agree with Vanga - only viable flower, with an extensive root system that grows in the ground, can symbolize life and prosperity.


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