Why is customary to give an odd number of flowers?

According to Russian, French, and, for example, Armenian traditions even number of flowers bring to the funeral, but a living person stuck only to give flowers in odd numbers.
Almost throughout Europe, the USA and some countries of the East all the other way around, give an even number of flowers, because it brings happiness.

Israelis - give only an even number of colors, but the funeral flowers do not bring. In Georgia, believe that everything related to family values ​​brings happiness, so two flowers (pair) - a successful combination, and the cemetery are an odd number of flowers "to the deceased couple had not taken with him».

The roots of these traditions and prejudices to be found in pre-Christian world.
Each country (region) went the way of development and, therefore, often have similar discrepancies and contradictions.

Pagan beliefs interpret even numbers - as symbols of death and evil. Remember the saying "trouble never comes alone»?
Many ancient cultures, the number of pairs were associated with completeness, completion, in this case - the way of life.
An odd number, on the other hand, a symbol of happiness, success, luck.
Odd numbers are unstable, they symbolize movement, life, development.
Even - a symbol of tranquility and peace.

For the ancient Pythagoreans personification of kindness, life, light, odd numbers were, and still they symbolized the right side (the side of good luck). Unlucky same left side, and with her death, evil, darkness - symbolized the even numbers. Is this not gone the famous "stand with the left foot," symbolizing a bad start to the day?

In ancient Russia only war dead to defend their homeland pinned two flowers "one deceased, the other - God».
Now all the dead taken place even number of flowers.

Gift bouquet in modern Russia is subject to simple rules, "up to a dozen odd" that is, the number of colors is as if they are three, five, seven, nine or eleven. An even number of ten or fewer stalks taken to bring in a sign of mourning for mourning ceremonies. If in a bouquet of twelve or more colors, their number does not bear any meaning.

In sign language, each number has its own value, and it can be used, which would give the correct meaning of flowers. So, if you give a flower, it means that the person you are giving it only for you. Giving three flowers can express their desire to go with your loved one on the edge of the world. Well, five, then: "I love you».

Few people know that the seven flowers earlier gave only on the day of the engagement.

Well, or just
1 flower - a sign of attention
3 flowers - a sign of respect
5 flowers - recognition
7 flowers - a sign of adoration
9 flowers - "I am at your feet ..."


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