Psychological test in first grade

Read about psychological tests and remembered how one friend told about tests in first grade.

She has a child Prodigy, precocious. 6, and will communicate... and is not in itself becomes — an adult and a strange adult, with a strange worldview.

The mother is the most usual, dad's genes, however, may have played a role, grandpa, they had some Professor of some Sciences, but small did not find it.

Told his mom as they passed the psychological test to the first class. 've literally tried to write, still recently was house husband recounted.

Showed the seemingly simple picture, which painted a man with a huge hose, which stands under the umbrella. It is raining, and it pours a large flower — type sunflower and the jet hose is drawn so wide, hitting the flower, not the stem.

Asks the psychologist:

— Everything is correctly drawn in this picture?

Small says:

— Not all. First — if a man was watering the flower of the hose with the pressure water, the flower would be smeared on the ground, and he stands straight and without damage. The second — apparently it's a fire hose with such pressure, people would not deter him in the hands.

— The rest of it right?


— And that man is watering the flower in rain, is that right?

Is it right, could have had on this account their views.

— For example?

For instance, these bars did not rain, and the umbrella he holds from the sun.

— Let's assume that all those marks after all the rain. And drawn by a real person, the artist painted from nature as he could.

— Well, let's say, but if you water the flowers from a fire hose and they are not smeared on the ground, then the man just washes the flower, made of iron or of stone, therefore he's right. And if he holds the hose with such pressure – he is very strong or there, there are people who are not the artist just drew.

— Well, so be it, what about the man watering the flower in the rain?

The rain will not wash dirt from the stone flower, and soon it will mypacket, and washed the dirt washed out of the cracks.

Okay, but suppose — the flower is still present, the pressure is not as strong as drawn, just an ordinary man pours the living flower in the rain, is this correct?

It's his right.

— Okay, but would you do that?

I don't do gardening!

— Well, if he did, would you ?

— No.


— I would spend time reading books or a good movie, and you have to spend time on empty talk about washing stone colors.

— You still lost time in empty as you think, talk, answer the question simply whether the water flowers of a regular hose when it rains.

— I said that I studied horticulture was not interested, and so I can't say it's right or not. If this person is an expert then he knows better.

And all this quite seriously told little six-year-old boy. Mom used to the eccentricities of his child, so he took it all calmly, and the psychologist was shocked.

Asked about the second picture, which is drawn by two boys pulling each to his toy:

— These children do well?, These are good kids they're fighting over toys?

Received questions:

— Do you know what started the quarrel? Whose toy? Who gave them the toy and fight this, or just this game? What are the rules of the game with this toy? Good children or bad the image is not defined, you need to talk to them.

More questions psychologist did not ask, only said that the first time she has a case and she doesn't know how to treat this, but that boy unusual is the fact. Developed, but does not see the overall picture and attention to detail that go into unnecessary details, unusual perception, although thinks logically and correctly.



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The psychologist asked me was during pregnancy and childbirth, any deviations, whether there are relatives with similar reasoning or mental illness if there are any oddities in behavior, cramps, what job dad mom, not the child watching the detectives (watching). Long thought, sent to a psychiatrist, and some of her friend the psychologist specializing in child prodigies.

Another said, "the poor teachers" and "how can I use it to do". The mother is outraged and indignant. published


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