Taste the air

One day the teacher asked me:
 - Do you feel the taste of the air?
I sniffed the forest air and named several odors.
 - Yes, you have a good sense of smell. But what about the taste?
I'm like a dog stuck his tongue several times, but was at a loss.
 - Well, - The teacher smiled and jumped up from behind, grabbed me and squeezed her mouth and nose.
I realized that resistance is futile, but in a moment of self-preservation instinct made me jerk limbs and squirm. Then the teacher let me go and I breathed deeply Life.
 - Taste of life - I said, a little breathless.
 - Right. This taste you should always feel. This taste is also in the water, food and many others. Do not eat what no main taste. Do not talk to those who are spiritually dead. Drink from the cup of life with pleasure, but do not hurry up, because you can empty it ahead of time, and can and do spill.


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