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In the times of the Union of large families relied benefits. A very large families - additional benefits in the form of large apartments, cars and other pleasant life benefits.
History took place in Kiev in 1960. Lived yourself enough already working family with many children. Papa plasterer, mother - the same working specialization (when only some time to work), and nine of them children. And for the tenth ditenka a native state just bestow the above benefits. It would seem - what's the question? Where nine, ten, and there is easy going. However, the father has dried up in the old dog. Does not matter for what reason. However, the family found a progressive at the time the market out of the situation - paid 1,000 rubles a certain friend foreman, they got the tenth Kinder.
Like everyone should be happy. However, human greed pushes sometimes incongruous actions and not always predictable outcome. Said the foreman began to choke and a huge green toad with a manna from heaven, I wake up in the large family. And he dashed off a cart in a court, which outlined the lowdown criminal intent couple plasterers, fraud (as he thought) received from the state illegal benefits - the child is not their general, and, one might say, and it, too!
The case received quite extensive publicity, on the day of sentencing people crammed into the hall nemeryannom. And the fairest court in the world ruled:
1. The actions of the accused of the crime is not found. Since the child is in care in their family.
2. These foreman in payment for fertilization 1,000 rubles were deemed illegal earnings and due from it in favor of the accused.
3. As the foreman expressly stated that the child from him to recover from his child support until the child reaches 18 years
After the announcement of those who did not lay down on the ground, a standing ovation.
So, if anyone udumal you dig a hole, do not interfere. Made her pool


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