A Christmas Story

Sergey once rode the train from Paris to Amsterdam and accidentally met a Russian girl. She first came to Europe to meet with his father after 25 years of separation. Her story made a strong impression on the author and he took the newfound family a short interview, which you can find under the cut. Nicholas Masmanidi - Greek origin - was born and lived in Karaganda. In 1981 he was jailed for some sort of scam (the details I did not go), and in 1988 he was released and moved to Adler. At that time, his daughter, Oksana was only 10 years old, of which she saw her father only once, visiting him in prison. But despite this, even then between a little girl and her father was a very strong bond. Nicholas had planned to return to Greece, and even offered Oksana leave with him, but she refused - because of age, and not simply the appearance of a new woman's father. You can have different attitudes to this episode in the life of Nicholas, but what happened, happened.

Greece Nicholas moved to Austria and then to Germany and finally to the Netherlands. For 25 years, he firmly on his feet, he had a business and its confidence in the future. Over time, Nikolai seriously reconsider the priorities and values ​​of life and wanted to be reunited with her daughter, but the relationship is completely gone. Nicholas said that he spent more than 12 000 euros for telephone calls with help desk Karaganda, trying to find his daughter, but it was all in vain ... He even addressed in the program "Wait for me", but even they could not help in the search.

Meanwhile, Oksana, he moved with his mother to another location, completely unaware that her father is looking for her blood. At the same time, she is also looking for him, too, wrote in the program "Wait for me." Once she checked into Classmates and aunt found that supported with Nicholas rare Us - polite calls every six months. Aunt knew about the intention to find his daughter and immediately called his brother. Nicholas saw in the night call from Russia, I thought that there was something terrible, but it was the opposite - his quest came to an end. Nicholas found not only a daughter, but also a wonderful granddaughter Dasha.

About a year they were preparing for the meeting. Nicholas called every day on Skype and did Dasha lessons. Having finally passport and visa, Oksana Dasha flew to Paris, where they were met by Nick - happy father and grandfather.

This story made a great impression on me. Arriving in Amsterdam, I walked for a while with a new family - it was a real Christmas story! Nicholas, Oksana and Dasha walked the bright streets, enjoying every second of each other. Oksana came with a travel bag father strictly forbidden to take any thing, saying that all you have to buy on the spot. Imagine what it is - to come from Kazakhstan to another world, to find his father and to carry out, at last, the old dream. It's great that in life there are such wonders. I think they should remind us of the true values ​​in life - love to know about care and attention to each other ...

P.S. If you think that this meeting occurred thanks to social networks: if Oksana is not registered in Friendster, maybe nothing would have happened.

Source: sergeydolya.livejournal.com


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