How are modern supermarkets

They have developed a formula of "left-right».
Since most supermarkets works - so-called law of the right hand, when the movement of visitors arranged counterclockwise. In this case, the buyer, moving around the store, all the while turning left, and his eyes often falls into the middle of it right wall. It is in this place is the so-called golden shelves, and on them - or the most expensive products or products with expiring.

They confuse us complex prices.
We all know the old trick: 0, 99 always seems much less than 1, 0 Subconsciously penny grows to giant size savings, and a hand reaching for the coveted "freebie". In the same direction are working bold crossed the old price, often written in a smaller font, and dedicated new. Either brain processes this information as a picture, and not as an arithmetic problem. And in the end you take too much for you thing to "save". Council. Think! Do not be lazy to deduct the new price of the old. Sometimes the result will amaze its insignificance.

. They use your children.
Perhaps it is inevitable. Every parent will have to go through a rite of passage: go to the store with baby and bear all his whims, requests for buying chocolates, new cereal, candy ... And well, if it will cost only tears, but that are not excluded from these tantrums wallow on the floor and wild cries. Yes, children are easy hiking past the colorful storefronts.

They hide from you cheaper goods.
Have you ever noticed that all the expensive item is on the middle shelf of the counter, just at the height of your eyes? This is to ensure that you first saw the most expensive commodity. Next comes the calculation of the psychology that you have decided that the goods on the shelves that are higher or lower, lower quality (although this is usually not the case). Today, however, this is the place "under the sun" win "untwisted" brands, as their products bring big profits.

They offer their "pair of goods".
All love couple. And in the supermarket. The so-called related products always put close to the main. Next to the beer - chips or bags with dried fish close to the liver - juices or sodas, near the shirts - ties, etc. All for you to buy more.


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