How are modern supermarkets

They create the illusion that their fruits and vegetables fresh.
Most supermarkets fruits and vegetables in produce department washed and polished to a shine. Moreover, they are often sprinkled with water, despite the fact that such they will rot faster. How Come? Yes, because people love everything fresh, and in the brain is associated with a shiny, wet surface. Also in supermarkets are specifically used certain substances to maintain appetizing appearance and color of fresh fruits and vegetables. In fact, the "fresh" fruits and vegetables that you buy in the supermarket, could be a month before the warehouse, then prolezhat still a couple of days in your refrigerator before being eaten.

They are trying to attract you with flowers.
Once you go to the supermarket, delights your senses smell the flowers and colorful fruit in the produce department. This automatically triggers hormone release pleasure "dopamine", and you are in the pleasant anticipation of shopping. From here to purchase even a step and half step. Council. Sniff and enjoy, but remember that you really need to buy. Pull out the light of day your shopping list and reread again.

They make you feel hungry.
Many supermarkets are pastries at the entrance. The smell of fresh baking activates the salivary glands, and you want to immediately buy this yummy. In addition, some supermarkets install small shelves, offering consumers taste a particular product. Always surprised at the number of people who buy goods just because they feel obligated or hungry. Remember, you owe nothing to nobody, and to avoid the "hungry" buy better snack before going to the store.

It forces you to walk everywhere.
These essential products, such as bread, milk and eggs are scattered throughout the store, so that you walked around it a little longer on the road making a spontaneous hasty purchase. Are you sure you can choose your itinerary at the supermarket. In fact, experts in their field specially thought of everything to on the way to the cherished goal you'll meet plenty of temptations. Therefore shelf with dairy products never placed at the entrance, otherwise you could handle too quickly and leave without two dozen relevant details.

They make you think that you go fast, when in fact it is not.
They spread the floor tiles in the shallow parts of the more expensive that your truck rattled loudly. So you think that you go faster, so unconsciously slow down and spend more time on the road department.


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