Turtle on the back of a crocodile!

American photographer managed to make incredible pictures of how crocodiles allowed turtle sunbathing on the back of one of them. Although initially reptiles were very different intentions.

Photographer Mack Stone spent four months in the forests of South Carolina, but has not been able to capture the inhabitants of the forest and ponds.
"I could not remove the animals in their natural habitat - as soon as I approached all creatures immediately immersed in water. Then I decided to use the camera with built-in intervalometer programmed in such a way as to take pictures every five minutes during the day. The device I firmly secured on a log and disguised foliage. Alligators and turtles did not pay any attention to the machine, continuing their studies, "- enthusiastically tells Mack.
This went on for two weeks - in the morning a man patiently set by the camera, and in the evening takes it and check the result impromptu photo shoot. During the next view Stone found interesting shots, which subjected to closer inspection.

It turned out that two alligator turtle herded into a deadly trap, cutting off her escape routes: on both sides of driftwood amphibian in danger of predators.
Crocodiles were chosen closer, taking away space turtle, but the animal, found himself trapped, suddenly briskly climbed on the back of one of his pursuers.

Alligators for an unknown reason reacted to "hussy" very condescending - ceased to regard it as a lunch and allowed to enjoy a joint holiday in the sun.
It's pretty unusual incident, because the American alligator, reaching a length of 4 meters, never miss a chance to eat animals and fish, including snakes and turtles.
By the way, not only reptiles behave unnaturally: photographer Chris Fellovsu happened to witness the meal fur seal, consisting of five sharks.
Divers watching mammals and could not believe their eyes: the animal to bite off his victims head and then disembowel their bodies in search of the stomach and liver. Impressionable divers were unable to observe the anomalous long fur seals and left the place of hunting.
"If we had not seen this before, it does not mean that members of the family of eared seals do not eat shark," - shared his findings Chris.

Source: piitbull.livejournal.com/1265228.html


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