Man VS Nature

Humanity is proud of its technology. We think that they elevate us above all other biological species.
However, analogs of at least some "outstanding" achievements of our science animals used when a person is in the world and yet there was no trace ...

1. Termites use hydrogen energy

As long as companies and governments spend billions of dollars trying to build a future that is based on the energy of hydrogen, tiny creatures nesmyshlёnye use similar technology for millions of years.
Think why termites tirelessly gnaw our homes? Not out of spite. Their bodies - the most that neither is perfect bioreactors. They recycle pulp in hydrogen and then use its energy. From a single sheet of paper is obtained for two liters of hydrogen - like performance for a long time, we will only dream about. In the body of the termite lives about 200 different species of bacteria. Together they make up something like a miniature chemical plant.
And it is not only energy invention termites. They know how to erect a building height of ten meters with a specific conditioning. During the construction they somehow take into account the shape of the hill and the location inside the tunnels. As a result, the air circulates exactly to provide ventilation strategically important objects (for example, they have a greenhouse, where they grow special fungi).

2. Cuttlefish are equipped with built-in flat-screen

Cuttlefish - representative of group of cephalopods. Almost everyone who has teeth (including humans) cuttlefish seems awfully tasty. So for her to not die out, it is necessary especially to dodge. Pride security cuttlefish - the ability to almost completely merge with the environment. They change color almost instantly. And not only color, but also the structure of the skin.

How do they do it? They have something like analog flat our television screens that cover every inch of their bodies. Cuttlefish skin is made up of multi-colored layers, so while reducing the tiny muscles in it can appear almost any image - even the Mona Lisa, if necessary.

It is not an exaggeration. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other research institutions have created a flat TV screen, based on the principle of cuttlefish skin. It is made out of layered polymers that expand under the influence of different voltage, something like cuttlefish skin. Simplicity and low cost karakatitsepodobnogo device allows you to make screen ultra-thin - almost up to one micron

3. Elephants have an idea of ​​Pharmacology


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