Day otter

Recently was Groundhog Day. Bedolazhnogo animal awakened and made on the basis of its behavior are very smart long-term synoptic forecasts. People like these two classes - to mock all living and make predictions.
But it turns out, the process of awakening can watch kindness. Through the camera lens, as did his wife Tom Leeson (Tom Leeson) and Pat Leeson (Pat Leeson) - professional wildlife photographers.
It turns out that otters - almost like people. Anyway, half asleep. The same fun and sleepy. And nefig someone spices wake. And so I predict - will be wet.

1. What is the bright light!

Another five minutes and I get

Neuzheli already morning?

Golova split

Odin managed to open eyes, now the second
Vsё, get up!


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