Carpets installations of watches from Heidi Howls 06/02/2013

Amazing colorful carpets with a bright pattern of geometric shapes - a creative artist Heidi Howls (Heidi Voet), the master of the original installations. One such installations and are these carpets because they are not woven from laces, threads or fabric belts, and several hundreds of wristwatches. The name of this work is very strange: «Is six afraid of seven».


Picking up about 4 thousand of the simplest electronic clock with multi-colored case and bracelet, Heidi Howls wove them into one large canvas covered with ornaments of diamond shapes, zigzags and lines. Externally, this fabric is virtually identical to variegated tapestry or mats that people decorate apartments to make them cozy and warm. But if it is not straight. And do not listen, because this art project is one very interesting feature, which becomes known at some point.

The fact that all the clocks carpet installation not only work properly but are synchronized with each other so that at a certain time at a certain interval to blow the quiet chorus of well-functioning alarms. However, it remains only a slim for the time being. When the batteries in the hours slowly begin to die, there is a gradual de-sync, and instead of a musical choir turns chaos and cacophony. Well, nobody is perfect, the author of a philosophical project Howls Heidi (Heidi Voet). And over time it becomes noticeably more and more.



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