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Every famous person - is primarily a public persona, which says a lot and often. But what if the star itself is not averse to tell the public a lot of interesting and hitherto unknown about themselves and about their views on the world? Sometimes such statements plunged into shock the public, and sometimes give rise to rethink his life. And if you thought that hover in the minds of the celebrities really worth, they just magically become a valuable material - quotations.

It is worth noting that for some quotations can be traced all the way and look into the human sanctuary corners of his soul. But we should not forget that celebrities are often cunning and struggling to prove to everyone that they are not the ones who seem to be (often this happens with the stars, who have a bad name). And believe the star or not - this is a private matter of each person concerned.

Let's look at how he sees his life and the world a brilliant actress, wife and mother of Angelina Jolie. Of course, we will see it in her numerous quotes that perfectly reflects the inner world of actors and actresses, because the game play and the words of the people, said from the heart, much more expensive.

So, what tells Angelina about yourself and your life?

Few people know that I'm a natural blonde. My hair over time of light-brown turned to dark brown. When I was a child, my mother dyed my hair a dark color, which I really liked. So, I'm essentially a natural blonde.

For a long time my father and I were strangers. He mistreated my mother, for many years we did not talk, he did not see his grandchildren. It is easy to establish a close relationship with a stranger to you man? Probably not. But we did it.

I do not have many close friends with whom I could pootkrovennichat. So lonely - sometimes too worthy interlocutor.

I plan to work with the United Nations before the end of my life.

When I was younger, I must confess I did not understand what use celebrity status. Now I know: it's a big responsibility to my family, to the families that I help. The popularity gained for me a sense of well-kept.

We love someone, not because finally meet the ideal, but because he saw someone imperfect.

When we first came together, all just said, what we different with Brad. So now a little funny to hear, when they say that we are similar. In fact, we are very different, but complement each other perfectly.

Motherhood has changed me very much. I realized that now I can not afford to engage in self-destruction.

Brad jokes like I'm obsessed with the kids. Probably so. But he himself helps me to educate them, he is a wonderful father, and we are all very harmoniously in the family.

First, thanks to whom I felt like a mother was my son Maddox. When he appeared in my life, I realized that in me there is gentleness, caring. It was he who reminds me that you can be funny to look at everything easier. Once I had the responsibility for the children, I began to treat myself careful to take care of health, to abandon the harmful prevychek.

Everything is fine. It's part of life ... I lost my mother. For a child to lose their natural parent. I lost my mother too young, but it happened. And I am happy that now it does not hurt, because I love her and she - my friend.

People think I'm a dark person, I have a terrible secret, or that I'm obsessed with death. In fact, I'm probably the last person who could be called abnormal. Maybe I think about death more than others, because I love life more than they do.

I do not wear short skirts, do not think that I have a magnificent body, besides, I'm a man, so short skirts are not for me.

People will always say different nonsense. Let. I enjoy my life.

I have always considered myself stupid, strange and awkward.

I am happy to finally be myself, before I never had. I hid behind other people trying to find themselves, through their characters, live their lives, but never had a.

I want to be frank in public. I do not want me to have secrets, do not want to be cautious in expressing their opinions. I want to be sincere, to openly express their views, and I hope I understand correctly. I do not want to stop being free. And I will never stop.

I have always struggled with low self-esteem. I think all through this pass. In me a huge number of shortcomings.

Loving one person to care for him until his death, raise a family, to live a good life, be a good friend, to try to find out who you really are, what you like and always be yourself - that's my goal.

I feel beautiful when I was on the set (Lara Croft) in Cambodia. I was sweating, hair tangled, but I was happy to feel beautiful and sexy because I was first a. When someone loves you, and when you make someone happy, you suddenly start to feel the most beautiful man in the world.

I have a tattoo, I wear the skin, but inside me there is another side, which reflects my role.

I decided I would help people, but in reality, it turned out that these people have helped me more than I them. They changed me for the better. I ceased to dwell on their personal problems.

Work at the United Nations really changed me. I met people who have experienced such horrors, that most of us can not even imagine. I was struck by their extraordinary fortitude. Thanks to them I have to rethink my life.

I need to feel alive and free. I'd rather be dead than live like an animal in a cage.

When you do something for others from the heart, without expecting gratitude, someone writes it down in the book of destinies and sends happiness of which you have not even dreamed of.

Be brave, be daring, be free.

I - that I, and others may see it anyway, but I, at least, live honestly.

Scars are not only beautiful, but also symbolic. Each of them is making a mistake and got punished for it.

In junior high, I was a member of the team named KISSY GIRLS. We chased the boys and zatselovyvat them until they start screaming. As a result, the parents called the school, and our band broke up.

James Haven (brother): It has always been my biggest support to it, I always went to for advice.

Find out who you are, separately (independently) from your family and the man or woman with whom / oh you in a relationship. Find yourself in this world and you need to feel good alone. I believe that the most important thing in life. Find yourself, because with this you will do anything.

Sometimes I think my husband - a stunning, I do not know why he's with me. I do not know I'm good enough. But if I make him happy, then it - everything I want to be.

I'm really sweet, but I can kick some ass if necessary.

For me, tattoos - all moments of my life. Once in Scotland, I went to the tattoo parlor in the middle of the night. And I do not regret it. There are moments, which want to forget.

I like to grow up to become mature and therefore sensible. All events that occur in my life, I now perceive easier.


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