In foreign show business, so many actors, singers and artists with luxurious brown eyes that almost all are countless. Brown-eyed men are strong and temperaments, and hence it follows that they occupy a high status, and achieved in his life all you want. Representatives of the stronger sex with brown eyes can quickly and easily to charm any girl, and even handsome from the world of show business to conquer the girls with fantastic success.

Let's see what famous men have a pleasant and alluring brown eye color ...

Cristiano Ronaldo

Orlando Bloom

Enrique Iglesias

Justin Bieber

Colin Farrell

Johnny Depp

Vin Diesel

Taylor Lautner

50 Cent

Adriano Celentano

Antonio Banderas

Alessandro Safina

Ashton Kutcher

Ben Affleck

Chris Brown

Colin Firth

Danny DeVito

David Copperfield

George Clooney

Guy Ritchie

Heath Ledger Eternal Memory ...

Jack Black

Jack Nicholson

Dustin Hoffman

Jean Reno

Jim Carrey

Mike Tyson

Quentin Tarantino

Bill and Tom Kaulitz


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