male gaze vs feminine look

OH mumbled something under his breath, and angrily looked at the computer screen, I sat beside him and flipped through June Cosmo - on the cover of Vanessa Hudgens flaunted. "Do you like it?" - Personally I have this girl is retching - "Nothing, pretty ...". And then I think hard, got a mezzanine mountain of old magazines, "Make a list of 2 - those who are considered beautiful / attractive / sexy, and those terrible, how my life. Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse do not touch "-" Who is Winehouse? "-" It does not matter, choose those you know ... suppose your friend Vasya liked it would be very, but you - no. I will make their lists. Then compare ».

Beauties (my opinion)

1) Amanda Seyfried

I am Amanda stunningly beautiful eyes. I also like it "painting": hair - iris - the skin. Oh yes! Legs. They are her ideal - I could see them in the Mamma Mia!

He said: "There is something strange it. As Elf ».

2) Liv Tyler

I: I think the ice queen looks that way - cold blue eyes, white skin and black hair.

HE: "Ahahah, she is funny, looks like Goofy!". I never noticed that I have it so crazy.

3) Kirsty Alley

I: This is my personal troubles, and many will not understand me, but after the film "Me and My Shadow" Kirsty became my ideal woman. It is not a girl or girls and women. I saw her recent photos on the Internet - upset.

HE: "The usual thick aunt, nothing special."

4) Lily Cole

Me: I like the shape of her face.

HE: "Ahh! It's an alien »

5) Nicole Kidman

I: In my opinion, it looks - the embodiment of nobility.

He said: "Some old it».

6) Alicia Silverstoyn

I: I remember I had a few years as I have seen it in some movie, where she played a rip. Then me and getting through. I believe that her sexiest lips.

HE: "Mmmmm" - in my opinion, with an expression of approval

7) Adriana Lima

I: And who does not like Lima?

HE: "Wow !!»

8) Rachel Weisz

Me: I love this kind of beauty - quiet serene view, the correct form nevyzyvayuschy mouth.

HE: "I think she has pimples»

9) Kate Beckinsale

I: They Rachel something similar.

HE: "Yes Devchenka usual, nothing special»

10) Monica Bellucci

I am here without comment - Monica love of my life.

He said: "Look, her upper lip with something, she stretched some. Boteks what? "Instead, you have a brain boteks :(

Belle (his view)

All the questions "Why?" Was one response: "I do not know! Well, they are sexy ... »

1) Jessica Alba

Why, tell me why all the guys so like Jessica? What it has is so special?

2) Olivia Wilde

Its frustrating that the operating system it plays a lesbian.

3) Charlize Theron

That's why he is so fond of advertising J'Adore, where she undresses!

4) Elena Korikova

Boys love "bad girls».

5) Elisha Cuthbert

I have no idea who this Elisha, and where he spotted her. Still I do not understand what he sees in her. Blonde as a blonde.

6) Eva Longoria

"Latinas know how hot?" How do you know, checked?

7) Penelope Cruz

Well, I like the most, and Penelope!

8) Katherine Heigl

"You know, it looks like on the child, and treacherous time. It's so mysterious. " And you have my romantic.

9) Heidi Klum

After half an hour he admired her body, I wanted to buy a one-year subscription to a fitness club.

10) Eva Mendes

"You vkurse that she had low low IQ?" - "So what! The mind is not a woman thing! ". Upset.


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