Who do we have?

Do not know what came over me all of a sudden - I downloaded a torrent with wild cartoon titled "Mouse-rockers," and a couple of series "Ninja Turtles", with pleasure looked, laughed, chewed pizza (with turtles), included their favorite Radiohead (mouse because rockers!) and realized ... no, a big girl with little animals messing no longer stuck. Wants more muscular male body.

Who do we have?

I remembered the famous internet meme:

"I Man - Spider - the web of the hand!
I Man - Bat - burly gloomy!
I Wolverine - unshaven slob!
I'm Captain America - all hysterical! ยป

So, Spider-Man and the list goes on. And the girls will like girls without something. After all, the beauty will save the world.

1) Yes, Spider-Man

In the world - Peter Parker

Height: 178
Weight: 76
Hair color: brown

Once a regular guy bitten by a spider, and he turned into a spider (Mama said as a child: do not bother to homeless animals!). Made himself out of the blue and red cloth suit, it is a stylish and stresses muscles. And let's save the city from the evil. And the enemies in Spider-Man still those: Lizard, Vulture, Sandman, Green Goblin, and others.

PE played Tobey Maguire ...

... And his girlfriend - hated me Kirsten Dunst.

2) Batman

In the world - Bruce Wayne

Height: 188
Weight: 95
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue

Grim burly with oblique seven feet at the shoulders, Bravo line of the chin and militant clenched fists. Even latex suit with ears and cloak it does not spoil. And the enemies of his solid loonies - that Penguin, the Joker (Mad Hatter, Calendar Man, Clock King, Scarecrow, Soroca, rag dolls, Zebra-Man, Poison Ivy ... - madhouse rest). Why so serious?

Batman once filmed Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan and played:

Michael Keaton


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