Blue-eyed? No, brown-eyed!

Believe that eye color affects a person's character would be like blindly trust horoscopes. Unreasonable and a little silly. But if you are not satisfied with your zodiac sign by which astrologers and strive prophesied some crap, then there is nothing to be done, but if you want to change the eye color, then it is always welcome. In optics, you easily select the right shade, but not one, but several. Blue-eyed, gray-eyed and green-eyed girls (and sometimes boys) are usually drawn to radical changes - brown color. Portal TMZ brought together celebrities who are not (yet) a light color eyes are completely satisfied, but not the fact that they will ever become brown-eyed is not using Photoshop, but with the help of contact lenses. Temperament is unlikely to change, but the face - definitely.

Cameron Diaz

And small, so to speak, a paragraph on the nature of the holders of a particular eye color. For those who believe, for those who are a little naive (scholars, for example, one of them).

Let's start with the blue-eyed. Such as recognized hunk Ian Somerhalder. People with blue eyes dreamy and romantic, yet fickle and very irritable. It is said that the colder eye shade - the "stale" soul, and if you take it as the truth, the darling at Jena real "Borodino cracker." Of course, admirers, this situation does not like it, but experts are adamant.

Ian Somerhalder

Chris Pine

Elijah Wood

Tara Reid, according to a grayish color of eyes, to be practical, quiet, hardworking and intelligent measure (despite the fact that she is blond).

Tara Reid

Nicole Kidman

Amanda Seyfried with its greenish hue reminds us that people with this eye color, very gentle, perceptive, mysterious and even if you put a goal, then go to it until the end.

Amanda Seyfried

Brittany Snow

Dakota Fanning

And finally, the brown-eyed person, according to experts, in this life, the most active. They are passionate, energetic, impulsive, adventurous, but ... at the same time they may "burn" because poorly understood people.

Miranda Kerr

Kirsten Dunst

Tobey Maguire


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