Kate Middleton and Alicia Keys: blouse from Alexander McQueen.

Kate Middleton and Alicia Keys: blouse from Alexander McQueen. The very thing already makes the image so the remaining parts of the wardrobe should be low-key. Although I admire Kate's sense of style, but I really do not like the decor of her skirt. Let these buttons, the same as that on her blouse, but it looks as if in the belly Kate hitched plate. So - Alicia, though I suspect that many will not agree

Dakota Fanning and Sami Gayle (such actress): red bolero from Miu Miu. Sami apparently not picked up his vain: it turned out sort of a stylized image of Little Red Riding Hood: polka dot shoes, bag-basket. It's funny, but in the case of Dakota bolero pulls the attention and the actress looks like a dummy for this bright stuff

Amanda Seyfried and Katy Perry: checkered jacket by AllSaints. In principle, both turned rock-style, only Amanda - more urban and Cathy - a festival. And then, and then like

Again, Dakota Fanning and Sarah Jessica Parker in jeans from Current / Elliott. Like as gateways are designed to emphasize the elegance of the ankle, but Dakota does not use it, and in her case, the legs no accent

Ann Curry and Emmy Rossum: dress by Michael Kors. A thin gold belt needs to focus on the waist, but Anne, in this case have nothing to boast. But Emmy perfectly underlined waist and hip

Olivia Palermo and Minka Kelly: colorful jeans from Current / Elliott. Such a thing is better to fit into a casual-style, but with her high heels, I somehow do not perceive

Michelle Williams and Nicky Hilton: leather dress from Valentino. His style perfectly underlines the shoulders and neck, but if they are covered by curls Nikki, and so the effect is not the

Brooklyn Decker and Jennifer Lopez dress maxi by Michael Kors. The figures for both - feast for the eyes, but J. Lo and darker the color looks more advantageous

Lucy Liu and Kate Beckinsale: dress by Alexander McQueen. This is exactly the time when the already ambitious thing (in terms of cut) looks even more colorful in conjunction with a bold, eye-catching accessory. Here is Lucy gloves

Kirsten Dunst and Tory Burch: dress by Rodarte. Both ladies are good, the dress - in the furnace!


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