Stylish Women 2011

Fashion can be bought. The style should have. (Edna Vulmen Chase)
Women who are the most stylish of the world in 2011, according to the magazine People, take these words literally. They do not want to follow the fashion, and selected for a specific style and follow it without hesitation. Naturally, like all girls in the world at the famous "stilnyashek" mistakes happen in the choice of clothes and these failures are very visible on the general background, but even so they are able to turn everything in their favor. They suffice to say that the clothes - it is an expression of their personality and all immediately fall silent. People Magazine knows of 10 such women. They are all very different, but each of them is a style icon.

Let's look at those girls, who should learn.

10th place - Sarah Jessica Parker

She just dresses is charming, although God has awarded her the appearance of Aphrodite. Sarah I like his acting game and the way it looks at social events. Sara reproach in the absence of style is impossible, so I think that is well deserved 10th place, just admire the dresses ...

9 place - Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth tend to choose outfits concise and simple cut that perfectly accentuate her figure. Her style in an attractive simplicity, because nothing more in it just can not be found. The actress, who began to "remake" themselves, once met with Brad Pitt ... I wonder he estimated it change?

8 place - Gwen Stefani

"Eksperimentatorsha" Gwen Stefani recently does not please the fans, as it sank to its own simple female happiness and career forgotten. Gwen has always been interesting to me in the choice of clothes, because it cleverly selects trifles (accessories) and makes me happy image as a whole. For several years, Gwen considered not "freak", and held a stylish woman.

7th place - Michelle Obama

The wife of the US president is known for good taste and style. She skillfully chooses outfits, emphasizing their status. I like the style of Michel, I would like to all the women in her age look that way (in terms of clothes). Outside Obama I somehow repels ...

6th place - Eva Mendes

Very stylish girl, I think sixth place is given to her unjustly (and could be higher). I like her dress, hair and makeup, and accordingly, and images in general, only the appearance of it is not very attractive (face some butch).

5th place - Heidi Klum

In my opinion one of the most stylish models of today. It is just amazing and I still can not believe that she gave birth to four children (a great figure!). The choice of clothes, Heidi has surpassed all my expectations, as I am not inclined to think most stylish models.

4th place - Kate Hudson

Regulars in these ratings Kate will not name, but lately she has really developed his own style. She is a young mom and I very much hope that soon the actress comes in the form and will delight us with their perfect outfit again and again. Kate is surrounded by great people and I think they're good influence on her.

3rd place - Fergie

Style Fergie have been for a long time, but only recently it has become interesting to the public. This singer, who has called the old lady (apparently from Fergie's something wrong with the skin, because it does look a bit old), is not going to grow old in terms of clothing, preferring bright and sexy miniskirt. I like the style of Fergie, but I would have dropped it down a few notches ...

2nd place - Anne Hetteuey

I still do not understand how it all got to this rating, but still won the second place. I do not want to say that Anne is not his style, because it is, but this style somehow did not fit into the overall concept. I think that Anne style - a style yesterday. If I had my way, I would never included Anne on this list ...

1st place - Rihanna

I will say one thing - deservedly so. Rihanna and her experimenting experiments followed by millions of people. It is very stylish and unusual. Her clothes and hairstyles - is really self-expression. I like her style and perhaps you will not agree with me, but she was the only one who is changing so quickly and beautifully.


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