Stylish Women 2012

Each year, the American magazine people and people «People» chooses the most stylish people in the world. Last year the winner was the incomparable rating Rihanna, which editors, fashion bloggers and millions of readers of the publication was considered the most stylish woman. This year, the singer, alas, could not head the list, but it's still got it thanks to its incessant fashionable experiments. It is time to all kinds of rankings is already open and are now looking for the most stylish female celebrities this year.

10th place - Jennifer Lawrence

Young 22-year-old star of "The Hunger Games" was in the rating as the most stylish star of 25 years. She walked rivals such as Kristen Stewart, Nina Dobrev, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, with editors stressed that next year is likely Lawrence rise even higher, because of the promotional tour of the painting "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire". Now demonstration beautiful dresses from the rising star Jennifer paused a little, but stylists girls are on the alert and prepare something delicious for the coming 2013.

9th place - Diane Kruger

Last year, Diana, like Jennifer Lawrence, was not in the rankings, but today she is an honorable ninth line. «People» acknowledged that this actress is able to present any outfit: in everyday life she dresses modestly, but with taste, and on the red carpet to shine like a true Hollywood diva. Become with which Diana posing for photographers, is not for everyone, and its transformation from an ordinary girl into a superstar is amazing!

Style on the red carpet:

Street style:

8 place - Jessica Alba

The drafters of the rating called Jessica very skillful in choosing the bottom of the street images. In 2011, it was not included in the rating, but this year the ability beauties wearing jeans and pants were appreciated. Almost all everyday bows actress based on these items of clothing, because it is their great diversity: all colors of the rainbow and all styles.

7th place - Rihanna

Six positions lost barbadoska in 2012, but despite this, it is still considered the most risky woman in choosing outfits.

6th place - Reese Witherspoon

For the past year, the blonde was in position, and because of this, and his taste was the most stylish pregnant celebrity 2012. 36-year-old Reese recently gave birth to a son (for it is the third child) and therefore the magazine «People» just could not please her.

5th place - Miranda Kerr

Since this is difficult to argue, because no one is in no doubt that Miranda Kerr most stylish everyday images among the stars !? In addition, the VS angel professionally their presents, which could not play in its favor. But if the street-style Kerr is not the best among all the stars of the planet, among the models it just has no equal.

4th place - Kardashian sisters

Kim, Kourtney and Chloe took the place due to the fact that they are always in trend.




3rd place - Emma Stone

Most Stylish Star Premiere - Emma Stone. This year, she had plenty of opportunities to show your style, what she has done so well that came immediately to the third place in the ranking «People».

2nd place - Kate Middleton

Duchess of Cambridge has been recognized as the owner of the "delicious" classical style.

1st place - Gwyneth Paltrow

40-year-old actress has replaced the ninth position on the first one. Now she proudly wears the title of the most stylish women in 2012. According to the magazine «People» ...

"She has no equal on the red carpet and always appears in an unexpected and yet elegant form»


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